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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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This is so difficult! What is wrong with this equation? I stared intensely on the sample problem given by our Math teacher as a reviewer for our upcoming exam. As an aspiring psychologist, I really really fail to see when would I use this equation on one of my future clients. I imagine one day I would talk to one of my clients and ask their feelings then I'm going to ask, what do you feel about simplifying this quadratic equation. I bet my client would be pissed off then slowly contemplates and realizes that this quadratic equation holds the key to his/her success. Would that happen? Does solving this equation would help them get over their real life problem? The bigger question is that would I be a psychologist in the future? Nikolas might have an idea since he came from the future. But, would I really like to know the answer?

"Morning Elois, " someone greeted. I turned and saw Nikolas wearing a red shirt and red pants that might have appeared to be a onesie.

"Oh good Nikolas, you're here!" I mildly celebrated. I went for his arm to make him sit with me but he swiftly avoided my hand then took a step back.

"What are you doing?" he asked with an obvious annoyance on his face. Right. This is not the future Nikolas. This is the regular "plain" Cole which is Jasper's roommate. I should have known base on the way he looks right now.

"Sorry, Nikolas. I didn't mean to um grab you"

"I noticed that you are the only one that calls me by my name Nikolas. I have thought that it had been archaic."

"Nikolas sounds good though for me, "

He didn't react. Instead, he stared at his wristwatch then walked away.

"Hey, Nikolas, I mean Cole, where are you going?"

"I am following my schedule. Hence, I need to go back in my room and read books, " he started to shift away again but I was fast enough to block his way.

"This would take only a minute, please, "

"A lot of people had said that phrase before to me and none stuck to their words. What is that you seek from me?" Talking to him makes me feel like I'm talking to a king, a royalty. I imagined a silly thought of him, a Japanese guy wearing a western crown and robe with glinting eyes that I quickly digressed.

"Could you help me simplify this equation?" I clumsily showed Cole my notebook. He looked at it then started to laugh oddly. He was some kind of robot trying to laugh.

"That's the best joke I have ever heard, " he said then walked pass from me again.

"Joke? What do you mean a joke?" I called out. He turned then gave me a shocked look.

"Wait, you are not joking? I thought your objective was pretending to be baffled on such a menial task, was it not?"

I calmly shook my head no

"The answer is x minus one-third all over 2x equals 3."

I was about to say something but no words came out of my mouth because of my astonishment.

"Could you teach me how to solve that?" I asked shyly. At

up when he saw the choco-hazelnut ice-cream.

"This one!" He answered enthusiastically.

"I like that one too! Did you read my mind?"

"Read your mind? No. You know what I think, maybe you're just copying my favorite ice cream of all time."

I gasped. "As if! That's my favorite ice cream, "

"Too bad, this is the only one left." He grinned victoriously. Not believing at him, I scanned the freezer and tossed around the other ice cream popsicles and I wasn't able to find another choco-hazelnut. "See, I told you Elois, "

"I'm the one who's going to pay for that ice cream, so that should be mine!" I protested.

"But I found it first!"

I pouted my lips. As desperate as I look, I quickly tried to snatch the ice cream from his hand but he was fast enough to raise the ice cream above his head. Being so tall, he was able to keep it away from my reach even I stood on my toes just in front of him. "Give me that!" I said to him while still trying to reach for it- my hand on his shoulder for support and my other hand up in the air. Then maybe at the same time, we realized the position we're in and we both immediately took a step backward from each other. My face is feeling numb and hot again. What is this feeling? I can't look him in the eyes.

"Here, " Jasper said. I made a quick glimpse at him and saw that he was giving me the ice cream but he wasn't looking at me either. Reluctantly, I took the ice cream from his hand.

"Thanks, but you take it, "

"No, I want you to have it. I'll just pick strawberry, "

"But I should be treating you."

"Spending time together is more than enough for me, "

My lips stretched across my face and I can't undo it. It is as if, my cheeks has a mind of their own. No, Jasper was the one who's making me smile and I can't stop him. Or in better words, I don't want him to stop.

After Jasper picked up an ice cream for himself, we bought it and decided to go home.

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