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   Chapter 21 NO.21

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 5858

Updated: 2017-12-18 17:12

"Why are you so pale?"

A cold sweat dripped from my forehead up to the tip of my nose. I wiped it before it even falls. "Me, pale? Must be the light?"

"Are you okay? You look so flustered, " Leslie stepped in closer to me making me cringe till my back touches the doors of my closet.

"Yeah, yeah. I didn't go outside all day maybe that's why I look so pale."

"You should have gone outside. The weather was perfect for an outdoor activity, " Leslie went to the comfort room. I waited for her to lock the door and when she did, I immediately checked the closet. Nikolas was there contorted to fit in the cramped jungle of my clothes. "Come on go outside!" I whispered. His eyes reflected fear and he's totally out of his mind as it took him to process what I have just said. He was about to set his foot out of my closet when I heard the toilet flush so I panicked and closed the closet quickly.

"Ow! You squished my foot!" Nikolas complained in a muffled voice.

"Shh! Leslie is coming!"

The bathroom door opened and Leslie went out. "Were you saying something?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just asking where you have been?" I asked uncomfortably

"Remember the play I told you? Well, I got the part!" I could see that Leslie was very excited as her body twisted in joy.

"That's nice! Congratulations!"

"Aw thank you! You know what? We should celebrate, right?"

"Right, we should celebrate tomorrow!" I firmly suggested. I must get out of this mess soon or he would be in trouble.

"Boo! We should celebrate right now!"

"It's really late and it's kinda awful not to invite your brother, " Nikolas coughed!

"What's that? You heard it?" Leslie suspiciously looked around the room my heart feels like it wants to go burst out o

yet, "

"No, it doesn't matter. I'm from the future remember. Indirectly, I know what your answer would be, and it hurts ten thousand times more than the pain of my aching foot right now." I swallowed hard. I wanted to disagree to his intuition but I would only do that if I wanted to lie about myself. "Remember what I've told you, Elois. Keep in mind that you're the one that can change the future, " Nikolas reminded me while he limped away; finally leaving the room.

I sat on my bed and pondered about all the things I wanted to do. I feel an itch on my brain that I wanted to scratch to death. It's annoying and frustrating that I couldn't do something but just to think and try to sort my life, fold and unfold those sketchy and wrinkled thoughts, untangle wires of problematic scenarios and connect them to logic, build and destroy all my plans ahead. If I'm a computer right now, I'm probably buffering and overheating and soon enough I could explode. As I wait for Leslie to come back, I continued to immerse myself with riptides from the ocean of my mind and vortices I'm caught in, in which I could only hope that I would survive and breath once again.

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