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   Chapter 20 NO.20

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 11487

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In a matter of five days my life completely changed as if it went through hurricane. I feel that everything moves at a light speed and I'm being left behind. I couldn't cope up. Maybe it's life's way of making up to the uneventful past years of my life, compressing it on a package of days.

I could feel a heavy throbbing in my chest as I lay still on my bed. I knew for myself that there is something wrong. I could feel it again. I caressed the scar on my wrist to remind me of my battle.I know that these days would come sooner or later but once again it took me by surprise like some predator lurking on the shadows of my emotions. And now it grabs hold of me and I can't move, slowly sipping away my life. I tried to move my body but I seriously don't have the will to do. I'm terrified. I'm deeply terrified.

"Leslie?" I heard a man's voice from outside, it's obviously Jasper. Leslie is not home. She said that she has to meet someone important. I wouldn't want Jasper to see me like this so I remained silent for fifteen seconds wishing him to go away for a while. But he somewhat managed to enter our room. I shut my eyes quickly and pretended that I was sleeping.

"Apparently, your sister is not home, " Cole's voice made me realize that he's here too.

"Shh, lower your voice, " Jasper said softly enough for me to hear it. "Elois is sleeping, "

"It is 9 in the morning and this girl is not yet awake. How lazy?"

"Cole, just be quiet. Not everybody is like you who automatically wakes up by 7 in the morning." I could hear their movements as they shift from one place to another. "Look at her, " Jasper whispered.

"What do you see in her? You seem to be very attracted to her, "

"Just look at her, Cole. One, I never saw a girl sleep so peacefully like this. It's like she's pretending but not. My sister is pretty but that girl is sure a mess when she sleeps. But Elois, look at her." I tried my best not to react.

"I see, you have a comparative knowledge, "

"She's very beautiful. When I look at her, it's like all my other senses focus at her, "

"That's alarming. Your statement made me think about a carnivorous predator ready to devour it's prey, "

"Cole you can make anything romantic to not romantic." I opened my eyes quickly as I heard the word romantic and I immediately saw Jasper's face at my bedside. His eyes widened instantaneously and his jaw dropped. He looks very red and flustered. "Elois, how long have you been awake?" he asked with a shaky voice.

"Just now, " I feel heat on my cheeks. Could it be? Jasper made my blood flow through my body faster than usual. It could be since I regained the ability to move my body again.

"I think this is what they usually call awkward is it not?" Cole said. "Huh? Somewhat I could feel it."

"Good for you, bud! Now you're feeling awkward." Jasper chuckled and went to Cole's side. "You see Elois, I was just helping Cole to feel awkward."

"I have no knowledge of that. You were actively complimenting Elois on how beautiful she is"

"No! No! No I wasn't-" Jasper tried to cover Cole's mouth but Cole effectively managed to stop him by grabbing Jasper's arm and twisted it at an uncomfortable angle. "Ow! Ow! Okay no touching. I won't touch you!"

"Cole, you can let go of him now. I think he gets the point, " I ordered Cole and he followed.

"Sorry, buddy, you almost touched my mouth with your disease-carrying hands, " H

0% sure if I can change the future. Base on the principles I learned, it's nearly impossible unless if we uphold the conjecture about multiverses, "

"Multiverses? What's that?"

"It means that there are other Universes out there. If I change something from this time period, I might set the history to a different course. Meaning, the statements I would be saying would be only fictitious not any different from stories on novels."

"If you change the future, you mean your Universe where you existed would be different from the Universe I would be in?"

"Yes and that poses a problem because that means, if I did change the future, I have no chance of getting back into the new time period. I cannot get back."

"Hmm, if you are able to get back from the future that means you haven't changed anything yet?"

"Indeed. I think that there are critical control points in a timeline of history. A critical control point is an event that is life-changing say a graduation, or your birthday, something like that. If I am successful changing that critical control point then I would change the future."

"But you're willing to change something right?"

"Yes, "

"If you change something from here, then you won't exist, "

"Yes. After I change the future, I would be stuck in a time-loop. But it would be for a better version of our future, "

Time-loop? Nikolas, had so many words that I don't understand, so many things to explain to me but I guess that would take awhile for it to settle on my head.

"Then what is it you want to change?" I pressed again on the question.

"Elois, " he took my hand and sandwiched it with his, "the truth is, you're the one that could change the future, you have the critical control point."

"Me? What-what am I supposed to do?"

"Elois, I want you to stop seeing Jasper. I want you to avoid him as much as you can, "

"Nikolas, are you serious? What are you trying to change?" my mind began to find any rational explanation to what he had just said. Why would he ask me to do that?

Before Nikolas could answer, the door of my room flung open and Nikolas raised his eyebrow at me. "No one can see us together!" he quietly screamed "It could change the future! This is bad!"

"Elois, I'm home!" Leslie screamed and barged in.

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