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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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At bed, I tried to think of an explanation on how Nikolas managed to do all of those stuff. I imagined that he whipped up an intricate formula, knowing that he's smart, to find the right combination to the lotto's number but I don't think it would be plausible. But could it be more realistic to what he had been saying about the future? I didn't realize that I fell asleep while thinking about it until Leslie wake me up from arriving home.

"Elois, sorry to wake you up, "

"What time is it?"

Leslie checked her watch. "It's 11:35, "

"Is there someone waiting for me?" I asked after I completely gain my attentiveness.

"No, well, are you expecting someone?"

I shook my head no. "Where have you been?"

"I took an instant audition, "

"Really? Audition to what?"

"A play. I can't say the title yet, but it's a play."

"Oh good for you."

"I'm not accepted yet though. They'll gladly chime in if I am."

"I hope you would, Jasper and I would surely watch you, "

"Oh yeah, I heard you and Jasper got stuck in flood. I'm sorry I couldn't come into your aid by that time, "

"No it's okay. We managed anyway, "

"So how's my brother?"

"What do you mean? I think he's just fine."

"Elois, you know what we're talking about. You and him? How's he?

"Leslie, have you eaten yet? Maybe I'll go outside and order some take-out, "

"You're avoiding the topic, " briefly Leslie gasp then leaned closer to me "Come on, roomie, spill the beans?" she started to poke my belly rhythmically. "Did he just made his first move to you?" I tensely gave her my whooping what-the-what face, then she suddenly squealed and jump like a hungry mouse. "He did, doesn't he? That son of a gun!"

"Leslie, I should go outside first. We'll talk about this with my stomach full." Leslie pouted her lips.

"Promise me then."

"I promise." I rolled my eyes. Honestly, she doesn't seem to be girly on the outside with her intimidating aura and her clean and beautiful pixie cut of black shiny hair. But on the inside, she must be much "girlier" than me. I wonder how many knows that?

I let myself out of the house. By this time, at Bulacan, the streets were already as calm as it could ever be, and only the cicadas can be heard. But here in Manila, the streets were still full of people. The lights from different stores were spilling all over the place, it's almost a pollution. As my stomach continue to grumble, it reminded me to go to the coffeeshop Nikolas introduced to me- the POW bookstore. From my apartment, it's only a short walk after all. It took me just minutes before I got there even with a limp legs.

Because of my hunger, I didn't bother to look up some books. Instead, I went straight to the cashier and ordered some take-out. I ordered pasta. Instinctively, somehow, I felt like I was being watched so I spun around the building and saw him. He was looking at me while wearing a worried smile. I took a step forward to him then another until I was standing in front of him. Nikolas bowed into his knees and brought out something from his pocket. That's when I took a step backward. "Relax, honey. I mean Elois. It's only band-aids." It was a band-aid. He placed three of it to my wounds and oddly blew it gently. I didn't know why I didn't stop him because it's weird. Maybe because my brain is overloading now since all of this seems too real even though it shouldn't. He knew I was wounded and prepared for it. Even though I had forgotten about it.

"Are you really Nikolas from the future?"

"Correct. I'm the one." he gave me his seat while he took one for himself.

"How?" I finally had the guts to ask. By asking this, I am now acknowledging that all of this- him time-travelling, is real.

"Long-answer or short?"


take his hand and say "I'm sorry, Nikolas, "

"No, please don't think that I was forced by you to change. It's more like I'm frustrated with myself for being so different, for being so bizarre, that I failed you."

"No you haven't failed me. Or the future me. I feel so honored that you did all that to change for me. Remember that." Nikolas clasp on my hand then he looked at me in the eyes and I caught his gaze. I could tell the sadness in his eyes but also the gratefulness.

"Do you remember Elois, when you forced me to hold your hand and shake it?"

"At the tennis court? Yes I do" Nikolas clenched my hand harder.

"You know, I was feeling sensational. My heart beat raced. At that time I thought, I was scared because I might have contracted a disease from your touch but after some time I realized that I was feeling something else. I was so happy that I shared it to Jasper as soon as he got home. I know that it's the start of something but I wasn't quite sure." Nikolas paused for a brief moment. I studied his face. The sharpness I once saw is now becoming mellow and comfortable. "Elois, I have a request for you, "

"What is it Nikolas?"

"Please be patient with me. There would be times that I would act oddly. There would be times that I would be difficult for you. The Cole you meet everyday, the Cole here in the present might be difficult to get along with but I want you to be patient, alright. He has a lot of things to change and it would take time." While he was saying those things I imagined how Cole would be. As a response, I looked directly at his eyes and nodded.

"Nikolas, I have to be honest with you, "

"It's not usual for anyone to know that someone is a time-traveller. Believe me, it's a lot to take in. I know I promised you I would believe you if your prediction came true but doesn't happen in a click. Add the fact that you're saying that you're my husband, it's like you're shoving a new life right now that I have to accept it. I might say that I can believe that you're from the future but my husband, that's on another spectrum of weird." I can see on his face that he's disappointed or offended. I continued. "Make me believe you, is that alright? Make me feel and know that what you're claiming is true."

Nikolas placed his hand on my face and brushed his thumb gently to my cheeks. "I would. I promise. I waited for this in 6 years, I could wait for more. I'll prove it to you, okay. I'm just happy now that I could see you again. I really really am"

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