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   Chapter 18 NO.18

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 6207

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I have always been doubtful of the spectrum of the supernatural. Ghost? Don't believe them. Vampires? If it's not as hot as Edward Cullen? Nah. Wizards? Oh, they exist. But time-travelers? Their presence sets off the idea that all the things in the world are predestined that all things have their own fate. The future had been written and I might have been just an echo. And that's the problem with time-travelers. It makes me philosophical about the reality of all things.

"Elois, are you alright?" Jasper shook my shoulder.

"Yes, I'm alright, "

"We need to go out of here soon. The flow of water is rising fast, "

He was right. All the other people in the grocery store are panicking as they face a dilemma. Some were brave enough to go outside and face the ankle-deep flood because it's becoming late now. It's a pity that the road workers haven't controlled the situation as soon as possible.

"What are we going to do?"

"We'll enjoy some splash of water, " Jasper answered.

"Wait, we're going outside?"

"Yeah, it's just a little flood." Jasper took all the things that we've bought and lead the way. I was glad that I've worn my baby pink khaki shorts but my nifty converse shoes would surely get drenched. I followed Jasper outside and that's where I noticed that flood reached the corner of the main street. The flood water is murky brown and some trash floats away. While it's dirty and ugly down on earth, looking up takes away all of it as the sun had already set and the sky is a picturesque purple with pink lofty clouds that drifts slowly to somewhere.

We continued to walk exhaustingly. We were halfway until the end of the flood when I stepped on something hard like a rock and fell fast. "Ow!" I winced. I used my hands to cushion the fall but now it burns. Jasper ran to my side and brought me up to my feet. So much f

I stopped walking and looked at him. He returned my gaze at a split second then he looked away in no particular direction. His face turned bright red now. Does that mean that he was red because he was blushing?

"How about you?" Jasper asked. He continued not to stare at me.


"Your face is red too you know. Why?"

I was shocked. I wanted to answer that my face is red too because of the same reason he told me. I was on his back and he made me feel warm inside. But instead, I answered "I'm trying not to breathe so that I would get lighter, "

"Oh, " he said then smiled sheepishly.

Successfully we managed to get home. Leslie was not in our room when we got there. It made me feel a little worried where she is at the time of the day.

Today I realized that Leslie and Jasper are all set on my life now. I know that when my- when my depression comes back, it would ruin them but it's a threat I must face someday. Someday my dark days would come and they have no other choice but witness me slip away.

But there is someone else who is entering my life at full speed and with great impact without me catching up to it. I lay on my bed as I wait for him, for my "future husband". Nikolas, where are you now?

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