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   Chapter 17 NO.17

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 5862

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"Oh my God Dad! It's been years! What happened to you? Why did you call only just now?"

"Elois, princess, you know dad's been busy right. I have a lot of paperworks to do, "

"Are you okay in there? Are you sleeping well?" I asked frantically.

"Princess, you're the one in College. Not me. I should be the one asking you those questions!"

"I'm worried sick that you've forgotten about me, dad, " Someone poked me by the shoulder so I turned around. It was Leslie and she was gesturing that she's going outside because someone is calling her. I nodded and went back on the phone.

"Why would that ever happen?"

"I don't know, Alzheimer's?" I joked. Dad's manly laughter stemmed out on my phone. I gotta be honest here, I miss him so much.

"If you're so worried about your dad, then why didn't you call me?"

"Because I'm waiting for your call. And if I called you first then you might think that I'm needy, "

"Oh I already know that, princess, " dad coughed "so where are you now? There's a lot of noise there in your background"

"I'm at a grocery. The noise is coming from the road construction nearby, " Not long after, I heard a heavy thud from the ground as if something had fallen from the sky. I quickly looked by the window and there I saw a huge fountain of water from the ground, almost like a geyser. Though it looks beautiful as it creates mini rainbows, it also look awful. Someone must have accidentally made a hole on the water piping. And I could also feel that someone's getting fired. Apparently dad didn't hear the thud so he went on blabbering about what should I buy in the groceries.

"I'm not here to buy myself some groceries, I'm with someone, "

"Someone? Your friend?"

"Yeah, his name is-"

"Woah t


"Oh ship!" Jasper swore- it wasn't ship. "How are we going to go home now?" Uhm via ship? This time I meant really a ship.

"How did the water came in so fast like this?" My question was rhetorical but I expected a response from Jasper. Instead, I realized that he was talking to his phone.

"Hello? Cole, buddy, " my eyes glinted with disbelief. This is how it freaking goes, is it? "I'm with Elois right now..." Jasper continued to talk "yeah...we're stranded on a flash flood. Could you come and get us? Alright that's unfortunate, indeed." This is bad. Two of Nikolas's prediction came true! Oh my God! This can't be freaking happening right now. There's one more thing I could test. An odd that is one in eight million.

As urgent as I could, I went to the newspaper and magazine rack and located a tabloid. Today's winning numbers of lotto are 02-18-08-24-30-45. Then I brought out my notebook from my bag and went to the page where I noted Nikolas's numbers. 02- my fingers are shaking -18- now my body is trembling - 08- I need air - 24- cold sweat drips on my forehead -30- the place is going dark- 45. I almost fainted but gladly Jasper caught me.

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