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   Chapter 16 NO.16

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 9579

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It's the Org Fair day on our school and I didn't expect that the whole school administration would support it by giving us a half-day of classes though it is only intended for only us freshmen. They said that this is the day for us to choose our Organization so that it could help us adjust faster in the collegiate environment. Of course, for me, I wouldn't like the idea of getting involved on such things but this is a compulsory social activity. If there is an organization dedicated about anti-socialism, then count me in! Maybe it's called Anti-Social Society, then it will be called Anti-soc soc in short. Well it's not absurd. I've seen a lot of weird organization (and names) as I stroll by each booth set out on our Activity Field. There's an org exclusive for Psych majors like me. There's a K-Pop dedicated org, also. Actually, I'm considering them.

Oh, I've seen also an org for Japanese lovers, which instantaneously made me remember Nikolas. I thought he was the President but I only saw a bunch of geeks of anime and manga or Otaku or whatever. I'm quite impressed by their dedication as some even dressed up like the anime. One that striked out is a guy who has pink hair, fake of course, and wears only a vest for tops revealing his good-looking abs and constantly shouting "Oi Happy!" and laughing. He's both hot and not at the same time. And then I imagined Nikolas dressed as him.

"Hey miss, are you interested on our org?"

"Huh?" I turned around.

"You're standing on our booth for like a minute, "

"Jasper! This is your org?"

"Yeah, so are you interested?"

"Am now, " I mumbled.


"Nothing, " my heart fluttered. I feel so nervous when I'm talking to Jasper. It's like I'm talking to the supervisor of something and if I say something wrong I'll be condemned. "So, what is your org about?" wait, did I say it right?

"Our org is called Volunteer Society. We usually create events like gift-giving, medical mission, "

"Medical Mission? Wow, "

"Yeah. You know it feels nice to see someone smile because of what you did. It's amazing, "


"Yeah, " Jasper showed his crooked smile and it literally made sense to me what he had just said. I feel nice inside.

"So what's your org short for?"

"It's VolSoc, "

"Excuse me?" I asked to check if what I heard is right.

"VolSoc, "

I did hear it right! I tried to cover my mouth but my laugh bursted out.

"Why are you laughing?" What is it? Did I say something funny?" Then I started to laugh even more! I thought he was joking but to know that he wasn't, made it more funnier.

"Could you say it again? The name of your org?"

"VolSoc?" I laughed again until my tummy hurts. "What's funny about-oh-"

"Oh what?"


"Oh yes!"

"Elois, you naughty girl!"

"Naughty? You're the one who's thinking about it!"

"I thought you w

"What is it?"

"It's me Nikolas."

"Yeah, I know." I lied. I'm kinda confused.

"You remember last night?"

"I think it's best for you if I don't."

"Elois, I'm serious."

"I thought you're not Cole of the present when it's morning, " following this line of reasoning made me only suspicious that he's just playing a prank last night or he's just out of his mind.

"That's not completely true. I could only travel back in time if the present Cole is asleep, remember?" he say the word 'remember' as if he had explained it to me a thousand times and I should have gotten it already.

"Cole please, not this again. Tomorrow, okay? I'll talk to you if what you predicted comes true, "

"If it's not?"

"I don't know, Cole. You can maybe seek help from professionals, "

Cole closed his eyes then talked. "I'll add more definitive proof to make you believe, okay?"

"Definitive proof?"

"Tomorrow's winning lotto number, " My eyes widened. He's really betting on this one. "That means, the odds of getting the winning number is 1 in 8, 145, 060 or 0.0000122773804%. If I'll give you those numbers would you believe me?"

"Yeah, I guess so. You know, there's a higher chance that I'll be hit by a lightning than having your prediction true."

"Correct. So that way, you'll be sure enough to find me. One condition again though, "


"You cannot buy a lotto and win this yourself. You'll change the future and that would be drastically terrible."

"Yeah sure of course, " I acquiesced. On second thought what if he's right?

"Okay the winning numbers are 02-18-08-24-30-45, " Cole recited as I jot down each number on my notebook. These are the winning numbers. I laughed a little on my head thinking that Cole had really lost it. But also, I want to admit, I'm excited to know if these numbers are his winning numbers to make me believe at his impossible declarations.

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