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   Chapter 15 NO.15

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 10090

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"That is the perfect explanation, brilliant!" I exclaimed. I thought my theories were farfetched, crazy, and ridiculous, but here's Cole's words putting them to shame.

"Wow, Elois. I didn't know that you would easily digest what I have said, "

"Oh yeah, yeah. I easily digested it. I know now that you're a drug addict. You're stoned now aren't you?" I tried to laugh quietly since I don't want to bother other people that might be sleeping like Leslie. But how could I not laugh so hard if the person standing in front of me is a big joke.

"Honey, since our long marriage, I never really learned how to detect your sarcasm, "

"Honey, that's because we're not married, " I tried to close the door but again, he stopped it with his foot. I must have slammed the door so hard, he winced.

"Elois, I know that I sound the craziest person right now, "

"You are the craziest person right now, "

"No-no, please let me finish first. I know that you Elois, my wife, is morbidly curious. That is I think the best thing I love about you. I also know that you're pretending to be a shy-type of a girl, a modest and harmless girl, but deep inside you're strong, "

"You almost got me there Cole, but you're wrong. I'm not strong, "

"Yes you are. You think you're not but you are. I know because you constantly battle yourself through depression."

"How did you know about my depression?" my voice started to shake.

"Because I am your husband, "

"Okay. Leave me alone. You're creeping me out. So please leave me alone before I call for help, "

"Okay. I'll leave you alone. In one condition, "

"What is it?"

"Let me prove it to you that I came from the future."

"Oh come on. Time-travel can't exist, especially travelling back in time."

"No Elois, it's already happening in front of your face! All you have to do is to let me show you, "

I scrunched my shirt. He was right. Curiosity gets the best of me. "How would you prove it?"

"In Friday, you would experience a flash flood. It wouldn't be catastrophic as it sound but..."

"Who are you Noah?"

"Elois, if that happens, would you believe me?"

I weighed in his prediction. A spontaneous flash flood would occur three days from now, what are the odds that it would be a coincidence? "Give me more specific detail and I would believe you, " I suggested.

"Okay. You and Jasper are together that time."


"I don't know why? I just know you were together that time."

"You're such a liar, "

"Hey, I'm from the future but it doesn't mean that I know everything, " I guess he's right. "Can you promise me that you'll believe me if that happens?" Once again, I rethink the scenario. It's unlikely that me and Jasper would be together when a flash flood would occur, right?

"I won't promise until I'm not convince, "

"Elois, trust me, " Cole looks very serious and made me wonder how can he say all this. Why is he trying to prove the impossible?

"Alright, Cole. I'll look forward to your prediction, " I acq

rom 5:30 till the rest of the night. Like I said, I studied tennis then by 10:30pm like my usual schedule, I slept." I thought so. Of course he would deny it. If I would take what he said last night seriously, then he is "Cole" right now not "Nikolas".

The middle aged guy was walking towards us and he was smiling cheerfully.

"Mr. Yamazawa, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mr. Simon"

"Are you sure you're a beginner? You surprised me a bit out there. You made me feel I'm competing again, " Mr. Simon was panting and sweating all over his body.

"Certainly, "

Mr. Simon offered his free hand to Cole to congratulate him but Cole didn't reciprocate. I whispered to Cole that he should shake Mr. Simon's hand but he responded only with a deep sigh and bowed his head to Mr. Simon.

"Okay? No handshake I guess, " Mr. Simon must felt really awkward since he walked away in an instant.

"You know, a handshake is a sign of a good sportsmanship, "

"His hand is probably perspiring and full of unwanted dirt. A lot of disease could be transmitted through body contact, especially a handshake" he explained softly. "I'm sure he would understand, "

"No, Cole, no one can understand that. Because you're"

"Because I am a freak. No one can understand me. I have heard that countless of times." His words resonated on me. I know how it feels to be treated as an odd one and it sucks. But maybe my high school classmates were exaggerating when they said that I was weird. Compared to Cole, I'm the most average gal. "People always say that to me, " he continued "they say it over and over again as if I do not get it. Look, you people could only say it once. I know I am weird and a freak. I know and I had been trying so hard not to be, "

"Then shake my hand. Prove to me that you're trying, " I placed my hand across him. His face looks stunned. He was trying to determine if I'm serious for so long that my arm got tired. "Try harder, " I ordered him.

And in a heartbeat, he took my hand and shook it.

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