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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Leslie was eating a take-out from KFC when I arrived at our apartment. When she saw me, she instantly stopped gnawing on her hot shots and stood in front of me. "What happened to you?" she said.

"Oh, I forgot my umbrella, " I excused myself in order to find clean and dry clothes and went to the bathroom to change. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I realized that I was still wearing Nikolas's jacket. I immediately checked its pocket and there I saw his school ID. He looks handsome in this picture. Well, he looked handsome in real life too though I wasn't able to look at him for a long period of time. It's just that I can't.

I removed Nikolas's jacket and folded it neatly. I should return this is I see him again. If I see him again, that is. It took a minute or so before I completely freshened up.

"Then why are you smiling?" Leslie asked as soon as I get out of the bathroom.

"Me? I wasn't smiling, " I thought of Nikolas's jokes during our meal for a second.

"You're smiling right now! What happened to your first day?"

"Um, it was not quite good. Can you imagine, I went to my class an hour early so I ended up attending a different class, "

"No way! That's totally embarrassing, " Leslie laughed and jumped into her bed. She is really energetic right now. "Then?"

"Then nothing, " I answered without a blink an eye.

"Well, your smile looks something. Is it a boy?" My eyes suddenly widened. I can't believe she's fishing on me like this.

"What do you mean is it a boy?"

"Then what is it you're smiling about?"

"I just found a bookstore, be cool alright?"

"Right, a bookstore, huh?"

"Yup. It's really nice. I had a lot of fun, "

"Okay, alright, " she grinned at me suspiciously. Seconds later, "So who brought you in that bookstore?" I'm beginning to get annoyed at Leslie's curiosity. How can she tell that I've met someone today? Was she some kind of psychic? Or maybe she was stalking me?

"Leslie, "

"Was he the one who gave you that jacket?" I was about to say something but her statement made my mouth stiff and wide open. So that's how. "Oh yeah, you're busted. Come on Elois, you can tell your roommate about this kind of stuff, "

"Okay, I've met a boy, " I gave in. "It was raining and he suddenly showed up and shared his umbrella for me. Then he showed me the bookstore which was actually a restaurant, "

"Wow, he seems to be a very nice guy, "

"Yeah, he is. But..." I suddenly frowned.

"But what?"

"After we ate, we strolled around the town but along the way we've got separated and I haven't found him since, "

"What? How did that happen?"

"I don't know either. There was a lot of people and somehow he disappeared."

"Do you think he ditched you?"

"No, I don't think so." Though in retrospect maybe he did. Maybe he got bored of me, I shrugged off the thought.

"Well if he really is nice, I think he searched for you too."

"Yeah, I hope so, " I had a long day and I don't like to overthink the situation so I changed the topic to Leslie. "How about you? Did you have a good first day?"

"Not as much as your umbrella boy but yeah I think so. I found a new friend in class and Jasper and I toured around the campus and I finally met Cole."

"Oh, wow. Was she

s nice!" Leslie clasped her hands together.

"Where's he?" I asked curiously. To be honest, I'm quite excited to meet him. Jasper who is beside me pointed at a pudgy man waiting in line. "Oh, that's him, huh?"

"Yeah, " Jasper seconded. "You know, that guy is a genius and I'm not exaggerating. He's so smart that he graduated a Bachelor's degree in Physics when he was just 16. And now he's studying for his second degree in Neurobiology."

"Woah, that's impressive, " I commented.

"It's not only that. He can speak three languages, plays the violin, and knows how to do taekwondo, "

"And that's why my big brother has a big crush on him, "

"Leslie, would you stop that bromance thing now. I'm just amazed for everything he could do. He's like a beast, "

"He's like too good to be true, " I whispered.

"He has one weakness, though, " Jasper piqued my interest.

"What's that?"

"Talking again behind me, huh, Jasper, " a deep monotonous voice joined our conversation. The man brought us a tray of food that we had ordered and he sat beside Leslie, which makes him directly in front of me- face to face.

"Cole, buddy. I'm not talking behind your back. I was giving them a few background about you, " Jasper explained.

"Well, I hope that there is no inaccuracies in your statements or else, I would have been badly prejudiced by them, "

Too late. I already prejudged him badly since I thought that Cole was the corpulent man that Jasper had pointed but he was not. He is a tall Japanese-looking guy with highly dishevelled hair. And all about him was sharp- his angular face, his sharp canine teeth, his sharp stare and now I learned that he also have a sharp mind. I was directly staring at him but I still couldn't believe it. It's funny how people sometimes gets attracted to something so dangerous.

"Cole, you know my sister, Leslie, " Cole nodded at her. "And this is Elois, her roommate, "

"Elois, " Cole acknowledged. "I do not have any idea what Jasper told you but I am a bit bothered by you looking at me like I am some anomaly in Biology. My name is Nikolas Yamazawa, nice to meet you." Cole bowed his head.

I can't acknowledge.

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