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   Chapter 11 NO.11

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 12366

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"Excuse me? You're asking me out?" I stammered. It might be just me but this guy's spontaneity is unbelievable. Though I'm not sure yet if this is the fantastically unbelievable scenario or the is-this-a-joke-unbelievable one.

"Yes, I'm asking you out. I'm dead serious." Nikolas Yamazawa assured. I could hear a tone of warmness that resides in his voice. Nobody had asked me out like this ever before. In great honesty, nobody had asked me out since birth. Somebody asked me out to play, out in the garden, out in the classroom but never out in a date. And for the first time as well, I'm not sure what to feel and how to react. "Look Elois, I know this is quite out of the blue, me asking you out. I'm not messing up with you, I'm not a pervert and I'm especially not a criminal."

"How do I know that?" I mumbled interrupting him. He was quiet for a second then raise an eyebrow at me.

"I think I have here my I.D. See, we're in the same college, " Nikolas handed me down a plastic card that came from his pocket. Nikolas S. Yamazawa. Age 18. Home Address: 1007 Dalton St. Makati City. I think I saw him before.

"You're the one I bumped into earlier this morning!" I recalled.

"Me? Well isn't that a good sign. Like destiny isn't it?"

"Destiny, I'm not a fan of that."

"Look, the point is, you have to know that you could trust me and you should because I have my purest of intention, "

"Intention?" I held his I.D. tighter.

"I'm very interested in you and I want to know all about you, everything."

I nearly gasped at his expression. Is he right on his mind? "Mr. Yamazawa, I seriously don't know what to say. I mean I'm flattered and all but, " Noticeably, his face toned down. "I mean you look handsome, you look great, " I honestly think so.

"But?" Nikolas interrupted anticipating what I would say next.

"But I have to say no. It's not that I don't trust you. You've been nice to me since the first five minutes we're together, the umbrella, the towel, and the jacket. But I'm a little new here. I don't still know where to place myself. You know, I'm still adjusting." I gave away my vulnerability to show I really trust him but still.

"I get it. Tell you what, here's the deal, " The deal. There's always something in the deal that makes someone less trustworthy. Maybe because it limits one's choice. "I will help you adjust by showing you around town. You know, in a friendly stranger way. Then after that, I would ask you out again on a date. By that time, I hope you already have an answer and I'm definitely wishing that it would be a yes. Deal?"

"Where would we go?" I asked curious about the deal. Just curious, not exactly pro.

"Actually, I have a list." Once again, he raised his right eyebrow then he signaled me by raising one of his hand. As he searched for his backpack, I noticed that the rain is subsiding into a tamed drizzle. "Here, my top favorite place around this town. Some of the places there are really close right here, " He gave me a piece of old paper that has writings on it. His handwriting looks eerily like mine. I skimmed through his list until I stumbled upon "POW Bookstore".

"Is the bookstore near here?"

"You mean POW bookstore? Yeah, it's right around the corner. Do you want to-"

"Yes!" I said too enthusiastically that I cupped my mouth to hide it. "I mean, could we?"

"Absolutely. I'll take you there, "

"Wait. If you're going to show me around and it's just the two of us, isn't that a date?"

"Well, it all depends on you." Nikolas sneered playfully. "Come with me to the Portal to Other Worlds, " in an instant, he stood right up and waited for me to follow him so I did.

"Portal to the Other

on the walls made sense to me like "A Well-Brewed Coffee is for the Stomach while a Good Book is food for the Mind."

"So shall we eat?" Nikolas walked past me and talked to a guy on a desk. Then the guy on the desk showed us a table and gave us a menu. As soon as the guy took off, I gave Nikolas the stink eye.

"What, is there something on my face?" Nikolas checked on his face.

"You tricked me, "

"What do you mean?"

"You said that this is not a date, "

"No, I said it all depends on you, "

"I think you planned this all along. First you said that you'll show me around the place and you conditioned my brain by showing me a list of the venues you love. This list gives me options hence I would think I have the authority to choose. By statistical probability and by mere luck I guess, you're aiming me to choose a place that is least likely to be a venue for a date such a bookstore. So I did choose a bookstore and here we are surprising me that it is actually a restaurant and now we're on..."

"We're on what?" Nikolas smiled slyly at me. I bit my lip.

"And now we're on a date." I rolled my eyes at him. "You manipulative dog, " I softly mumbled.

"So this is a date, huh? You finally agreed, "

"Only because you tricked me, " I can't believe I'm spending my first day in college this way- on a date. What would dad think of me?

"No, I said it all depends on you. You"re the one who claimed that we're dating, not me. I think you're making your moves on me woman!"

"My moves, "

"Yeah, your moves. Lucky for you, your moves worked on me, " I laughed because I can't hold it anymore. Then he laughed. We both laughed. "There's one more thing, though, "

"What's that?"

"Shh, just listen, "

Then I heard it. It's the tune I heard from my apartment. It's the tune I know somewhere. Nikolas for yet another surprise sang softly.

"I hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind

That I put down in words

How wonderful life is while you're in the world"

"That song is from Moulin Rouge, isn't it? I loved it when I was a kid, "

"The song is called Your Song. How about now, do you still love it?"

"Oh, I think I do. I still love it, "

Nickolas grinned widely. "You know Nikolas, I have to tell you. I was having a bad day until you came. Thanks for randomly bumping into me, "

"So when will I see you again?"

"Maybe we'll bump into each other again soon, "

"Well Elois, soon is not enough, "

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