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   Chapter 10 NO.10

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 6458

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My classes ended 4:00 in the afternoon. Specifically, I had five classes this day. Earlier, from the library, after one hour I went to my class at the right time. We had the usual first day of class scenarios like an introduction of oneself in front of the class and introduction to the subject. Surprisingly, some of my classmates bonded quickly with each other though I don't think that they known each other before. I guess some people can find their match right in an instant. Of course, I was alone. Nobody talked to me and I don't want to be the first to talk to somebody because I might look like a creep when I do that. So basically, I didn't talk to anyone this day and my mouth felt so dry and useless.

I had no plans after class so I decided to walk home when a thunderclap made me look at the dark sky. Rain is coming, I told myself. I better get going. As usual, the streets of Manila is still filled with people walking at every direction that I had to brush my way out. A few obnoxious people had to really bump me so hard in the shoulder because I think they're in a hurry and plainly oblivious to the presence of other people's shoulder. It was asphyxiating as I move with the crowd of people that doesn't seem to care about anyone else. Who am I anyway for them to be bothered, huh? People are so narcissistic. They think that they are the center of the Universe. While I'm in the traffic of humans, I felt a cold drop of rain poured onto my head. I looked up and caught a few more raindrops. It's already raining.

As if the rain could melt human flesh, the crowd of people started to panic and scattered like ants bumping to each other. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for this rain since the sky was clear earlier in the morning so I hadn't brought an umbrella just like everyone else. The first thing I noticed, as a solution, was a covered waiting shed and so I ran towards it. But before I could get there,

ell you, " he stood close beside me chuckling, "it's not pronounced as ah-nee-may, it's pronounced as ah-nee-meh."

How many times? "I'm sorry but I just met you so, "

"Yeah, you just met me, " his eyes sparkled. This guy is very weird. One, because he talks to me as if we knew each other and two he seemed to be prepared for the rain. I mean, he has an umbrella and he's wearing a jacket as if he knew that it's going to rain. Or maybe I'm just over-interpret things again. "I'm Nikolas Yamazawa, by the way. And use this towel or you'll get cold."

To satisfy him, I reached for his towel and used it to dry myself a little. "I'm Elois Browers, " I introduced. I noticed that the brightness of his smile faded.

"Here, use this jacket so you'll feel warm, " Nikolas removed his navy blue jacket with yellow insides and wrapped it around me. I don't want to be rude so once again I accepted his help. He's right, his jacket was warm and cozy. And it also smelled wonderful. "Don't worry I'm not being a pervert, " he kid. Why is he being so nice to me? Are all people here in Manila is as straightforward as he is?

"Say Elois, " he whispered with a low tone in his voice. Suddenly the background noise of the rain pouring was silenced as if he muted it. "Can I ask you out?"

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