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   Chapter 8 NO.8

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 7486

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College is so easy, they say. A lie. That is a very twisted lie. Whoever said that might haven't gone to a real college.

When I was in high school I thought that it was the worse phase I would go through in my entire life and I thought I was done with it. High school dramas are the real deal for teenagers. Bullying, love-hunting, the ultra-fast gossip dissemination, the awkward phase of having a crush, it is the world of teenagers in high school. But lo and behold, college got it too. Only it is more sophisticated because teenagers that go to college are more "intelligent", more "complex in thinking" now, right?

This morning, my first day at my college, I made sure that I arrive early in this building, named Felizardo Building so that I could check out the place some more. Though when I arrived, I went straight to the elevator and pushed the button to the 10th floor. Boarded on the elevator with me were seven other teenagers and for some reason I felt a great tension of competition, or maybe it was just the elevator moving, either of which, it was nerve-wracking. When the doors of the elevator slid open, I saw a vast hall with people moving from one place to another just like the streets outside. Though this time, only young looking people plagued the area. The first thing I imagined was the Cornucopia of the Hunger Games and I should run as quick as possible to hide from these people that might kill me but I was too enthralled. What I witnessed looked like a scene from a movie and as I walked slowly inside the center of the hall which is wittingly designed with a large bronze compass, I felt that I am becoming a part of that scene.

I walked through the floor by following a bunch of students until I arrived at a hallway occupied with rooms across. The doors of the rooms were parallel with each other just like the rooms of my old high school. I exhaled deeply and began to wander around the hallway checking the room number by the side of the door. 1003a. I'm searching for the room 1003a. One by one, I checked the rooms until I found the room 1003a. When I peered inside, a few guys were already there, sitting. I guess I'm not the earliest one to arrive huh?

I took a seat and waited for my class to

r. "Oh Elois, you gotta be stronger than that, " I said to myself. I could still hear Mr. Jason's voice and curious enough, I continued to listen.

"She's just a freshmen guys, so you gotta be soft on her. I'm actually amused to her since she's so eager to attend class, she arrived here one hour early. Unlucky she, she just doesn't know that we have our class one hour before her class." explained Mr. Jason. The class broke into laughter once again.

"Way to go Elois for ruining your first day of class, " I thought. I wanted to get out of these place as fast as I could so I ran aimlessly to find someplace where I could relax that I bumped into someone.

"Hey watch it miss!" the guy that I bumped violently reacted. I looked at him and quickly bowed my head. I noticed that he was reading a book and that gave me an idea where I could go.

"Sorry, " I apologized then I continued to run. Thank God we had a campus tour a week ago so I know where the library is. It is in another building so I had to leave the Felizardo Building.

Inside the library, as I expected, turned out to be just a normal library, quiet, full of books, and occupied by students trying to read and study, or someone like me- someone who wants to fade into the silence. Now calm, I realized that even though I went into the right place, the right room, I went in the wrong time and that didn't turn to out be well. But here in the library, I could feel that I'm in the right place and at the right time.

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