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   Chapter 7 NO.7

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 4073

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Late at night, I woke up by the sound of of a loud blaring honk of a car that quickly drove past the street outside. The first thing I thought was that the car had hitten a person or collided with a lamp post so I stood straight right up and checked the windows. Alert, my senses were all keen to any subtle disturbances. But all I had seen were a couple of people and some stray cat wandering right below the light of a lamp post. I sighed of relief and of irritation. That jerk driver must have problems or issues.

I tried to regain my sleep but I had no luck with it. The thought that tomorrow would be my first day of being a legitimate college student made me awake and anxious. It scares me. My head keeps asking me questions like: What am I going to wear? What if people would hate the clothes I choose or what if they hate my whole body, my whole face? What if I go to a wrong class or wrong room? What if I talked to a stranger but just be ignored? I couldn't afford to think any of these questions anymore and so I screamed angrily in my head. Everytime this happens, I always shout to the void mentally to silence the other voices in my head.

I looked for my phone to check the time and provide me some li

ith myself, the battle with depression got a little easier for me. The anti-depressant pill I took should have sedative effect on me soon but I took the time to check on Leslie if she's still awake. We went to sleep after we finished sorting her stuffs and talking about our lives. I feel much more comfortable around her. She's very nice and talkative which was a very good thing for me. Of course, she's sound asleep, I can see her silhouette with her chest rhythmically moving up and down, breathing calmly. The room was completely quiet except for a faint sound of music that I could hear from the outside. I think it was the same tune I heard before Jasper barged in. The music sounded so serene and tranquil that I decided to listen for it for a while. And then, I went back to bed and finally rest again.

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