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   Chapter 4 NO.4

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 1535

Updated: 2017-12-18 17:04

The rain continued to pour down on everything and I was a part of it. The rain only reminded me that everything is vulnerable to get soaked. Everything, even how triumphant, how majestic an object is, can be dampened by the force of nature. So here I am, being weakened by every single rain drop that touches my skin. It is making me look more pathetic than I should be because of the situation.

I continued to jog towards the covered waiting shed that is just by the side of my old campus. A lot of people though had the same idea so the bulk of them were also aiming to find refuge from there. I hurried before I lose a spot. With all my effort to get to the park bench as fast as I could, I had tackled a few shoulders of people going the opposite way. But all o

f it was for naught and I was too late. All the covered benches were occupied by people who had no umbrellas as well. No one can blame them since no one predicted such an incredible change on the weather in a short period of time. No one was prepared for this sudden downpour because all we know, and all we hope for was a sunny day.

Defeated, I walked aimlessly finding another solution but the heavy feeling that I'm carrying made me give up. And so, I decided to find a little cover from the tall tree behind. Flashes of lightning ensued by a series of deafening thunders rattled me as the cold breeze continued to sway by and here I am wishing help from anybody, somebody. I continued to weep not knowing that the future had already lain what I wished for.

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