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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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"Elois, we're here, " my dad nudged me using his elbows as he was trying to keep driving the car. He thinks that I'm asleep but the truth is, I'm just faking it. I decided two hours ago along the trip, that I don't want to open my eyes yet. Well not yet. "Come on Elois, this is going to be your new life, a new chapter, aren't you excited?"

I grunted. Or moaned. I actually don't know the difference. Once again he nudged me using his elbows. This time, I opened my eyes and watched him drive. He looked more excited than I am as his face was glimmering from the spotlight of the early rays of the sun.

"Dad, "

"Yes, princess?" I hate it when dad calls me princess. I'm not eight anymore. I'm already seventeen going eighteen.

"I don't want this place, " I admitted.

"Oh, Elois, how are you going to live your life if you live it like a wimp?"

"Uhm, like a wimp?"

"Elois, one day you'll have to face the world alone. You'll have to live your life in the best way you can without the help of me, or anyone else. You have to stay strong."

"But dad, look at those people. They look like animals." What I meant is how they behave not they look. And technically humans are animals too.

"Elois, that is not how you describe people that might be your peers one day, "

"One day, one day, you always say those words. One day, you'll have to do these. One day you'll have to be this. Dad, you always look up to the future."

"Oh is it because you kids want to live in the moment huh? What do you kids call it again these days? Molo?"

"Dad, it's YOLO. You-only-live-once. And it was an old thing to say, it's not cool anymore. You sound like a dinosaur when you say that, " I saw dad grimaced a little then he exhaled heavily.

"That's not the point princess. The point is, you have to look up to future because the future has a lot of surprises and one day if you do all that I say, you'll at least be less surprised and more prepared for what to come, " That didn't make any sense to me.

The car started to slow down as dad is preparing to park our car. I sat right up and watched the surroundings. Even though it is only 7 in the morning, a lot of people walked busily across the street where I would be living alone. Not just people but a lot of cars, jeepneys and tricycles are swarming in different directions. Busy as a bee, they say.

"Is it always like these in here dad?"

"This is Metro Manila, Elois. It is always like these in here. You should be surprised if this place is as calm as our home in Bulacan, "

I sighed because my mind and body suddenly gave up trying to be positive about this move. It was more like a hiss. Again, I couldn't exactly tell. Then, I remember that I have three more things to look forward to here in College. One is the beautiful house I would be staying in. I have no idea what my dormitory would look like but I am hoping that it would be nice and clean. Dad was the one that chose the place.Two, my roommate whom I wish would turn out to be my best friend for the rest of my life. And three, a potential inspiration for me like a gorgeous boy that I would fondly stare at. Not that I'm a creepy stalker, no. But I just want something colorful in this kind of life I would be living in.

"Elois, come on, we have a lot of things to do, " Dad removed his seatbelt and exited the car. I followed him outside and went straight back to the trunk of the car to help him carry my baggage. I hadn't noticed it before that I had a lot of clothes and stuff until we packed it and tried to fit it all in in the trunk of my dad's car.

As we walked toward the entrance of the do

rmitory, the uncanny facade of the building intrigued me. Unlike any other house along the street, it looked old and much more like the classic houses I've seen on those 80's American movies. If my observation was correct then I must say this house had been well taken care of since 10 years ago. It looked liked the typical suburban house though located in a metropolitan area. I wouldn't say that it looked chic but sure it could be regarded as decent compared to the other houses down its lane. Other building looked modern- angular, full of windows, and absolutely lack of vibrant palette of colors. My dorm looked warm and inviting like my grandma's house or our house in Bulacan. Though this dormitory is definitely bigger, more like a mansion.

When we entered the building, the first thing I noticed was the clean and classy design of the dormitory far from its undoubtedly old and rustic outside appearance. Well, I guess dormitories shouldn't be judged on the outside as well.

"Hello there, Miss Elois!" an old lady with a cheerful smile greeted me at the lobby of the dormitory. Oddly, she reminded me of the sweet old lady that takes care of Tweety Bird from the Looney tunes show. I looked at dad for confirmation though I don't exactly know what I am confirming.

"Hi Mrs. Buenas, is her unit ready?" dad answered the old lady in a lighthearted manner. I always admired dad's warmness towards people. He made everyone feel that he is their old friend. From our neighbors down to the garbage collectors in our subdivision, he all treated them as his good old buddy. I mean, he could win Mr. Congeniality in a contest.

"Yes, Mr. Browers. It was ready since you registered." Mrs. Buenas nodded. She then stood up from her seat at the front desk and started to walk away from us. I guess she's showing us the way so we followed her. We went upstairs and then Mrs. Buenas opened a room for us using a blue key card. My house at last.

Packing another surprise, my unit was more spacious than what I anticipated. It has a kitchenette by the corner, a common area to study and/or eat, and one bathroom that my future roommate and I would be sharing. I checked the bed frames so that I could pick the better one but both had the same aesthetics so choosing one wouldn't be so meaningful. The whole room had a clean apricot walls ready to hold my cute and colorful post-it notes, and a deep magenta tiled floors that are so clean and shiny that it almost showed our clear reflections. I for sure liked it but before I could enter, I saw a guy- tall with a serious look on his face checking us out. I couldn't exactly tell what he looks like since he came from the far left of the hallway where a narrow path separates our hallway together. I could only see his gaze and the outline of his face. I followed my dad quickly inside the unit and whispered to him, "Is this residence a co-ed?"

"Yes, dear. I hope it doesn't bother you?"

"Don't worry Ms. Elois, safety is our priority here. These blue key cards are very secure." Mrs. Buenas interjected. "Speaking of blue key cards, here's yours. Written on it is a backup pass pin number in case you ever forget these card you could just type it in.

I hesitantly took the blue key card from Mrs. Buenas hand and checked the backup pass. 31592, it says. Again, for a house that looked so old from the outside, this security system is legitly amazing. It is so futuristic!

I went outside the room again to check if the blue card key works but it was just a solid excuse to check out the guy from the other side of the hallway. To my surprise, he was still there peering at me.

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