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   Chapter 127 NO.127

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River's POV

"Ahhh no, it's just to much."I hissed and he looked at me as if it wasn't a week but a year he was giving me.

"Don't worry about the guests, the decoration's, the invitations, the location because thats all taken care of all you have to worry about is bride's maids, dresses, and showing up."He chuckled, looking at me then back the road.

"Ethan come on let's think logical here, we can't have a wedding in under a-"

"Just trust me. I have everything under control."

Present Day (Three Days Later)

Those are the words I remember as I stare back at myself in the full length mirror all dressed in white.

I just pray things don't turn into a complete and utter disaster.

"So how are you and Ryan doing Serenity?"I asked for the millionth time since she kept on ignoring me but I was determined to get an answer.

"Ummm things are progressing."She shook her head reassuringly and I rolled my eyes.

"How exactly?"Violet asked jumping into the conversation.

"We um slept together again and he wants to make things work but I'm afraid of my fathers reaction. You know he's the only person I have left in this world."She replied in an agitated manner.

"You have us, and Ryan.I mean it was you who crushed on him ever since you were in your mid teens.Let h

e way you can manage to bring a smile on my face even when I sometimes feel like I don't know what that is anymore.I love every single detail of you of you. I love you because you are simply you."He had a full hearted smile on his face when we finished and I felt that I had accomplished many things because of how bright those ocean blue eyes were shining.


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