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   Chapter 126 NO.126

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River's POV

We were staring at each other intensely before someone cleared throat," Are you guys going to remain outside mentally tearing each others close off with your eyes or actually enter the house?"Kenan chuckled and Ethan shot him a glare before passing him to enter.

"You do realize your nearly thirty so I expect you to be somewhat mature about this, right?"Kenan shook his head and right when Ethan left a smirk formed on his lips.

"Your not dropping the subject are you?"He chuckled and shook his head."Good to know."

"Oh my goodness it's so good to see you after all this time River."Mary laughed and took me into her embrace."When are you going to find out the genders?"

"Today actually our appointment is at four thirty."I smiled and she did as well.

"Don't forget to inform me way before mother or anyone else alright."I shook my head trying not to laugh because that's the same exact sentence Angelina said.

"I heard that you know."Angelina said walking towards us along with Mason and then Blake right after them along with his wife Juliane.

"Come on let's eat."Nathan yelled from a distance and I couldn't help but smile."What are...."he trailed off once he saw me."Mommy I missed you. I thought I was stuck here forever."

"I missed you to Nathan and stop being over dramatic we have only been gone for about two weeks."I chuckled and he pretended to be hurt by what I just said as we walked to the dining room.

We all sat down and Tiffany began to serve us.

Ethan stood up," Before we begin I have

an idiot look.

"Because there's this messed up thing called genetics.You know you get half from your mom and half from your dad."He gestured with his hands to make his point more clear.

"Alright Gregor Mendel I think we have had quite a science lesson for today."Once again that smirk I wanted to slap off was plastered on his face.

"So you think you could be ready for the wedding in about a week?"He asked and my eyes widened because if someone heard him they would think he was crazy.


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