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   Chapter 125 NO.125

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River's POV

"Diana you have to stop."A familiar masculine voice said from behind me and I turned my head slightly to lock eyes with Ethan.

Ryan arrived shorty after him but all I could focus on is whether or not I was going to make it out alive, if we were all going to make it out alive.

"It's to late for that Ethan.You're not mine anymore and the only way I can make you mine again is to get rid of the problem."Tears found their way down her cheeks as she pointed the gun towards my heart.

I closed my eyes from all the fear that consumed me and sooner then later a loud gun shot was heard but I didn't feel anything. I was still standing unless it wasn't me.

My eyes flew open to find Ethan lying on the ground covered in blood.

Tears began to stream down my face like a waterfall," No no no no, please Ethan wake up.You can't do this to me."I yelled running my hands through his hair.

"Im on it."Ryan assured me taking out his phone.

He groaned and his eyes fluttered open," You will be alright.You got me.You will find somebody else and love somebody else."I shook my head because he of all people should realize how difficult that is for me.

"I can't do that.I won't do that Ethan.Your my one and only love."I barely managed to reply because it was as if he knew he was going to die.My heart was tearing. Every inch in my body wanted to scream from all the pain I was feeling at the moment.

"I will always be with y

horrid nightmare I would have threw him into the nearest ocean, so I turned away trying my best to hide the smile."Hey, don't worry I wouldn't replace you for the world."

"Oh I know." I chuckled and he smacked his lips, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Confident much."

I winked giving a full hearted smile," You can say that."

He gave a flirtatious smile pulling me in closer."I'd give up half my life just to see that lovely smile that does wonders for me."


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