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   Chapter 124 NO.124

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Serenity's POV

"Look Ryan I don't know what game your playing at here but please leave me out of it."I knew I was making a huge mistake when I came back here because I knew he was one of the first people to show up at my door.

He grimaced before throwing me a glare," I'm not playing any game.I'm actually pretty serious on the way I feel about you."His tone was serious unlike the chilled back and relaxed one he always had but there's something in me that just refused to believe him.

So I examined the whole area to make sure my father didn't threaten him into anything or he made a bet with someone.

I bit my lip from frustration," What do you want Ryan?Do you want sex because if that's what it takes to get you off my back then gladly."He frowned and I continued to stare at him more intensely.

"No.I want you to be in my life Serenity."I chuckled at his statement because I think he forgot who I was related to better yet the age difference between us.

"Ryan your thirty five if you haven't noticed and I am twenty three.You and my father went to the same high school together, your best friends and do business together.For Gods sake you used to pinch my cheeks and call me little one."I did want him. I've been wanting him ever since I saw him at age fifteen.I had a huge crush on him and I thought it would go away if I went to college away from but it got worse.

He never noticed me when I was the nerdy gal with glasses and now he does because I'm more grown and developed.

"You never wanted me before, when I was that fat nerdy girl with glasses ready to give my self to you."I laughed sarcastically and he brushed away the tears I didn't notice were streaming down my face.

"Actually I did.I really did.I wanted you more than anything even when you had glasses on that made you extremely sexy and you weren't fat you were curvy but I was nearly thirty and you were only seventeen when I realiz

erything fell apart is the day Ethan lied to me because he thought I cared that he slept with Rachel.The day you found out you were pregnant. The day he found out he was in love with you. The day he choose to divorce me and the day you had Nathan which lead you back to Ethan each and every time. It all happened here in this very place was my life destroyed." She began to examine the area as if she was waiting for something to happen but then turned her attention back to me.

"Diana please-"

"Well this is the moment where I should ask you your last words but I could care less.Prepare to die you bitch."


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