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Ethan's POV

"What if I..."she sighed and I could since a little fear in her voice.

"Get arrested. Don't worry there are some strings I could pull to get you out of the mess.I mean sure you will end up working for police for a short term but you won't enter jail."I replied with as much confidence I could pull off.

"Ok I will do it."She replied back and her tone had more fear then before.I felt a sense of relief wash over my shoulders as I closed the phone and handed it to Fatima.

Thirty Minutes later Diana came back with dozens of bags filled with clothing and a smile from ear to ear.

"Ethan come see your clothes."She commanded with her hand and I couldn't help but feel disgusted of everything but disgusted with of her mostly.I quickly walked up to her to find and she handed me a pink top.

I threw it back at her," You know I don't wear pink."I snapped and her smile became even bigger as she handed me a purple shirt and I threw it back," I don't wear purple."Actually I did for River and thinking about it brought a stupid smile on my lips.


"Ethan try this."River said, with a smile that could make any guy wrapped around her finger but I frowned when I saw the pink clothing in her hand.

I scrunched my nose while picking up the piece of clothing as if it were contaminated," You know I don't like to wear pink."I whined and she stood there looking at me with her hands on her hips.

She clasped her hands together making her classic puppy dog eyes," Come on Ethan try something new for once.The world isn't going to end."She begged and I turned around to observe her," All you wear is mostly black rarely any blue. People are going to think your either from the mafia or a child kidnapper."Was she serious?Was she going to stoop that low so I could wear a damn pink shirt.

"River I'm going to look

keep her safe."He replied with an assuring nod.

Examining the area I saw Matteo and River was standing right next to him with tears streaming down her beautiful face.

I took one step towards her and Diana appeared right behind her with a gun.

"Take one step towards me and she's dead."She snarled making me stop dead in my tracks.


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