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River's POV

"No I'm going with you."I replied firmly and he gave me a death killing look that would have someone burry there selves six feet under but I was planning on getting my way so I tried to ignore the look.

His jaw clenched," River your pregnant.How are you supposed to go?" He argued and I rolled my eyes he was acting like an idiot.

"Exactly I'm pregnant, not disabled."I retorted and this time he rolled his eyes.

"Ok fine but you stay by my side the whole time and if you leave my side, I will find you.Then I will tie you up so you can't move."He warned and I nodded my head."There coming in just a bit."

"Ok I'm going to talk to my Mom."I announced and he nodded his head sitting on the sofa.I walked outside to find her sitting on a bench so I took a seat next to her."Mom we need to talk."

She nodded her head," May I ask why your still with Ethan?"I squinted my eyes shut and turned the other direction.

I turned her way to state the obvious,"Because I love him and I can't live without him."She rolled her eyes and began to chuckle sarcastically.

She turned her head towards me to give me a death stare," River he told you he didn't love you. Can you be any more stupider?"Sure the words were sticking dagger within my heart but I believe our love meant more then what my mother thought.

"He said it because you threatened him Mother and all for what?Your for no good psychotic daughter who lied to him about who the real father of Avery is."I hollered and her eyes widened.

"River you owe it to her she's your sis-"She began but I interrupted because I knew exactly where this was going.

I put my had up to stop her," She lost the privilege of being my sister when she tried to kill my son and I twice.I don't owe her anything and stop guilt tapping me.Just admit you feel guilty for leaving her and your

illion now and three million more after the operation has taken place."I took a deep breathe and the other end was silent.

"Yes Jasmine of course the offer sounds lovely."She replied and at first I was lost but then it hit me I played this one on many girls back in high school. The only difference is I used to pretend it was my mother.

"Is Diana with you?" I asked scratching my forehead.

"Yes Jasmine."She replied laughing and I nodded my head as if she could see me through the phone.

"You need to go to the police and tell them everything Diana has done and I mean everything."


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