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   Chapter 120 NO.120

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Diana's POV

After what happened I didn't want Ethan to leave me.I couldn't bare the thought of him leaving me.I missed him.

When I found out about the accident from Emma I paid a doctor to switch the DNA Results so it looked Ethan was dead not Robert.This was the only way River wouldn't get in the way of our happiness.I called a very known and great doctors so they could take care of Ethan's condition.

It has been nearly four weeks and he's still laying there on the bed like a dead person.I was sitting in a chair at Ethan's bed side waiting for Dr.Stark to confirm Ethan's condition at the moment.

"Mr.Scott had a couple wounds on his chest, and his head was bleeding.At the hospital they stitched up the wounds and did all the appropriate test to prove there is no brain damage or any damage in the body.I am just waiting for him to awake so I can do some final test."Dr.Stark said all this with confidence which made me have high hopes of him waking up real soon.

"Mommy mommy, why is daddy in the bed?"Avery asked, pointing to Ethan. I smiled leading her out of the room.

"Avery honey daddy is sick.Thats why he is in the bed."She pulled a loose strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear and then looked at me with her brown eyes. Though she looked like me a lot.Her brain was just like Ryan when she didn't want to do something no one can talk her into it, so was her nose, taste in food and curious side."Fatima come take Avery.She needs to eat."In less than five seconds the petite brunette appeared and took her while I continued to stare at Ethan.

Ethan began to mumble things that I didn't quite hear so I came a little closer to him.

"River don't go.Stay with me River. I love you."Those words made me stop dead in my tracks. I was the one who saved him.Not that little home wrecker.I quickly took his hand in mine and he squeezed it.

Slowly his eyes began to flutter open and I was completely rejoiced.

I called Dr.Stark and he did some tests.The whole time Ethan was glaring at me.I couldn't help but to feel slightly hurt but I was going to make hime love me again and he is going to forget about the no good bitch.

Dr.Stark left the room and Ethan sat up as his glare became more intense.

"These ass whole's think I'm a no good gold digger who got hear through her looks and children."I took a deep breathe so I could try to compose myself."I don't have time for this shit.I have to go greet my mother she just got back from New York.Mia schedule a meeting with the media tomorrow afternoon.I want Andrew Price there and my uncle Matteo.I will bring Nathan to prove to them he's Ethan's child if they still don't believe me you will take Nathan out of the room and I will show them a DNA report.Is that clear."She nodded her head and I called security to take me to my car.

When I got home Matteo was sitting there on the sofa and my Mom was outside with Nathan.

Matteo turned his head in my direction as his foot tapped against the wooden floors," River I need to tell you something but you have to promise me that you won't put yourself in danger?"I nodded my head."Diana is responsible for Ethan's disappearance and the police found there location.Im going with them."


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