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   Chapter 119 NO.119

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River's POV

I couldn't believe what the police officer was telling me.He was just here less than three hours ago.I should have made him stay maybe we wouldn't be in this position but something deep within me choose not to believe this.

I went to the hospital in high hopes of it not being Ethan's body but due to the burned face it wasn't clear. I couldn't accept the fact of losing him not now not ever.

Countless tears were rolling down my cheek as I stood outside on the highest floor of the hospital.This couldn't happen. I didn't want to be separated from him.How could he leave me?He promised he wouldn't.

While staring at the ground from what seemed really high.I no doubt wanted to jump and be done with life here.I was breaking from the inside. My heart was tearing to shreds. At least we would be together.

But what about Nate?

He would be an orphan.

Why does he deserve this?

Why do I deserve this?

"Oh my God River what are you doing?"A familiar voice said from behind me and I turned to see Ryan standing before me.

"What if I jumped?Would everything be alright?Would Ethan come back to me?"His eyes widened and I could see he was crying as well.

"You have to be stronger than this.If not for you for your children River.Ethan wouldn't want you to leave Nathan.He's still small and needs you by his side."I nodded my head and he helped me down from roof side.

When I got back Angelina was laying on the ground sobbing her eyes out.


A knock at the door took me out of my train of thoughts.

I threw the door open to find the same officer standing at my door.

He was standing quite tense with a stern look on his face," Good Afternoon Ms.Campbell. Im here to clear up a misunderstanding. According to the camera footage of California Pacific Medical Center the DNA test results were switched.Mr.Scott is indeed alive Ms.Campbell."


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