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River's POV

"River I love you to a point going back would be impossible.Let us forgot about the worries and just live for once."I knew what he was saying was hard but at the moment it felt like the only logical thing to do.

"I love you too."I replied, engulfing him into a hug and before I knew it tears came running down my cheeks.

Ethan quickly pulled away with widened eyes to examine me," Did I hurt you or anything?"He asked, causing me to chuckle.

I scoffed," No its these damn hormones. I think it gets worse each pregnancy."I sniffed and he cackled which earned him a slap over the head.

"Hey what did you do that for?"He asked with a stern face on and I rolled my eyes.

"You were being a jerk and laughing at me."I chuckled and he wrapped his arm around me wiggling his eye brows.

"You want to go to bed?"He whispered in my ear and I glared at him because I knew exactly what he meant by that.

"Your a lier. Your not going to bed."He just cackled mischievously as he placed his hand on my leg.

"I love how you know what I want without me saying a word."He said, picking me up bridal style and placing me onto the bed.

He placed a kiss on my neck," Mmmhmm tell me what else you love about me?"He removed my blouse trailing kisses down to my tummy causing my heart to flutter.

He laughed gazing at me," I love that even when your pregnant you have the beauty of a thousand goddesses."This time he brought his head back to my face and kissed me passionately.

I just loved the way he made me feel.

"What else?"I asked, curiously.

"I love the amount of passion your green eyes carry and the way you scrunch your nose when your angry at me in particular."That one made me grimace internally because I hated that he caught that. Ethan removed my jeans and sat there admiring me which made me burry my head in my hands while blushing intensely."Why are you hiding?You look beautiful and would look beautiful even after many years of aging."He pulled my hands apart and placed a kiss on my lips.He removed my bra and trailed kisses down to my breast causing me to moan his name in pleasure," I love when I kiss you in a sensitive area and you yell my name."


After hours we laid there on the bed trying to catch our breathe's and Ethan's arms were wrapped around my baby bump as we fell asleep.

Later I awoke with an absurd craving for chocolate ice cream. I tossed and turned thinking maybe I would forget it but it just caused me to stay awake even longer.So I did what every

he new home and the new look and oh yeah the pregnancy I didn't know about?"She asked and I squinted my eyes shut.

"Shit I'm sorry. I found out yesterday and was planning on leaving to New York but Ethan stopped me and right now as you can see I'm here." Her frown deepened as she glared at me.

"You bitch. You were planning on leaving without telling me? How could you? I thought we were friends?"She hit me on the shoulder.

Oh my goodness she so had a point.

I was sure I wasn't thinking yesterday.

"We are friends."I smiled but it turned into a frown when I saw two police men at my door with there hats pressed up against there chest.

My heart nearly sunk," Good Morning Ms.Campbell.My name is Officer Banster. I'm here to inform you Mr.Ethan Scott got into a car accident this morning. He and his construction worker Robert Bensley were heading for the construction sight on a one way rhode. Due to the other drivers influence under alcohol he ended up taking the wrong rhode. Unfortunately Mr.Scott didn't make it.He was dead before he reached the hospital.We need you to come to the hospital to claim his body.Sorry for your loss."


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