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River's POV

I was trying my best not to act on my weakness but my body wasn't helping one bit.

It was aching for his heart warming touch.So kissing him back is what came naturally.I felt I had no control over it even though my mind was telling me your going to regret this after wards.

As if he was reading my mind he pulled away placing his head on my forehead.

"River I really am sorry."

I wanted to believe him so badly but my mind was saying he will hurt you again.

I don't know if I could take another heartbreak.

"Why?"I asked and he tried to avoid eye contact.

"First off I don't love her. So the marriage would be a night mare and she lied to me Avery isn't my daughter she's Ryan's but I'm still set on taking full custody.That is of course if Ryan doesn't want to take her.I will visit her occasionally and hopefully she could stay with me at the end of the week."It was my turn to avoid eye contact because I knew Avery was Ryan's daughter.I would have told him if he hadn't left this morning the way he did.

"Yeah I found out last night Ryan was sort of drunk and everything sort of spilled."I took a deep breath because I knew what I was about to say would give me the argument of my life at least it did with Ryan."As much as Diana is a bitch I think it's a bad idea to take Avery away from her.Every child needs there mother and especially girls because men well they don't explain well when it comes to puberty.Besides I believe the only reason Diana is still sane is because of Avery."

We sat on the chairs closet to where Nate was playing as he said," After all she put you through your still taking her side."He took a deep breath and the continued."You know after I left your house this morning I caught a women goes by the name Emma watching your every move.She spilled everything by just a couple of bucks extra then Diana pays.Diana is the one who gave you poison so she could get rid of Nate.She could have killed you River."I honestly did not know what to say.The information wasn't really shocking to me. I guess deep down I sort of kind of suspected it was her but never really wanted to admit it to myself or better yet believe it was a true statement.

"Honestly I'm not surprised if that's what you were expecting, disappointed yeah because I thought that deep down she could be a better person."I murmured, staring directly at the ocean view. It really was magnificent.

"Ok did you know she had a negotiation with Andrew?"

Ethan's POV (The Morning after Nathans Birthday)

"Whats your number?"I asked staring directly at the brunette in disgust she was aggravating me to the limit.

"Excuse me?"I huffed a breathe while rolling my eyes. She was aggravating me to the limit.

I was this close to throwing her into the polices office," Don't play dumb with me! How much money do you want to spill the information your keeping and better yet who's your boss?"

"The information is-"

Alright that was it. I was done I was pulling the card.

"You spill the information or I throw you in the polices office.Two hundred, Three hundred thousand a million what do you want?"Her eyes widened and I could see her visibly gulp.

"Two million dollars and all my information will be yours."I smirked because we were finally getting to an agreement.

I quickly wrote the check and handed it to her.

"I go by the name of Emma. I work for


"This Fashion Office is so you won't miss out on work when you have to take maternity leave for the babies or when you feel out of your mind board or when you want to work at home. Everything you need from fabric to colored pencils is here. All your business contacts and other files are programed in the computer. The phone can be connected to the office. You even have an ocean view.It would be like you never missed out."He scratched the back of his neck and without doing much thinking I hugged him.

This was the greatest present anyone has gave to me.

"Thank you I really do love it."He gave a genuine smile before nodding his head.

We walked out and entered another room.

"Nathan my son this is your room.I knew you liked cars so I designed alighting Mcqueen just for you and when your older we can give you an ocean view room because I doubt your mother would approve of it now."I rolled my eyes because it was true. I was a pessimistic soul."You have your own computer and an IPad, over here."He said, pointing towards the desk.

"Thanks Dad."Nathan beamed hugging his father and Ethan looked as if he were the happiest man on Earth.

Ethan went down stairs to get the food ready while we toured the rest of the house.

After about an hour later he called us we ate, then we watched a Cars Two but Nate fell asleep halfway through the movie so Ethan carried him upstairs. We kissed him goodnight and made our way down stairs.

Ethan cleared his throat squinting his eyes shut," I don't want to fight anymore River. I want us to be together.To grow old together."


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