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River's POV

"Mommy where are we going?"Nathan asked for the thousandth time but I tired to put off his question by changing the topic each time.

But he had the habit of never forgetting the question and asking it as many times he needed to get the answer.

My heart was breaking for Nate how was I supposed to tell him that we weren't going to see his father anymore better yet he didn't want anything to do with us.

I guess it was just the four of us all alone but we were going to survive this I knew we were.

"Were going to visit Grandma and your uncle Aiden don't you want to visit them?"I asked placing a hand on his cheek and he shook his head.

"What about Dad?"He asked backing away from my grip."Why isn't he coming with us?"I sighed trying not blink.

I really didn't want to lie to him but then again the truth would hurt him.

"Um Nate hun were going to live in New York because the house in San Francisco is getting to small."I replied, placing a hand in his shaggy brown hair.

"But the house we live in is plenty enough space for the both of us."He pouted throwing himself on the chair next to me.

"Yeah but what about your siblings?"I questioned and his eyes widened in shock.

"You mean Im having a baby brother or sister-"

"Two little siblings!"I exclaimed with a smile on my face as he placed his hand on my tummy.

The smile disappeared as he said," Does Dad know?Shouldn't he be with us?"

It looked like he wasn't getting over the subject so it was now are never.

I began by placing a hand on my forehead," Um your father is-"

"I'm right here!"Ethan exclaimed taking me by surprise.

Seeing him caused my anger to ease but when I caught the ring in his finger it rose once again.

I felt history repeating itself starting with the I don't love you speech, the pregnancy, the ring, Ethan behind the door during my ultrasound and I wasn't going to allow him to toy with my emotions any longer.

I was

regnancy I can't but what pushed me over the edge is seeing you behind the door and the funny thing is you couldn't do anything but stand there."I chuckled sarcastically as he gave a perplexed look.

"You saw me?"His eyes widened from surprise and no doubt I was on the verge of slapping him.

"No I saw the ghost of Ethan Scott. Of course I saw you, you idiot." I took a deep breath to clam myself down."Look I don't want history to repeat itself. For you to leave me for another five years and then come back and I of course will act on my weakness and give in. Then I get pregnant again and will have to explain why your not there in our children's lives and-" Before I could continue my ramble his lips smashed against mine causing my heart to go into overdrive.


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