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Ethan's POV

Seeing River faint made me act on my weaknesses to her.

I was concerned and I had to see her for more than one purpose but then again I had to protect her from Diana and sadly her own Mother.

For some reason at that moment I could care less I wanted to see her even though I would leave hundreds of people wondering all for one person but it was worth it because that person was the love of my life.

I was standing outside the hospital door and after having an internal battle with my self I decided to go in.

After I was directed to her room by mid aged women I stopped by her room number and the door was slightly open as the doctor was talking to her.

"After I questioned you I did a blood test to make sure my suspicions were correct and it turns out your pregnant congratulations."He beamed and she did not look happy her eyes were roaming everywhere but the doctors face.

I was, in fact, speechless this was the last thing at the moment I could ever think to happen.

How was I going to be married to Diana when I had kids who were expecting me to be by their side and River who needed me more than ever at the moment.

She sighed," Can I schedule an abortion."The doctor gave her a saddened look before looking at his clipboard.

She couldn't she wouldn't how could she do something so cruel.

Shes killing our baby like that just because she's mad at me.

" We first have to do an ultrasound to see how far along you are and then if you are not over ten weeks then we can manage to fit you in tomorrow morning."He explained and she nodded her head as a nurse brought in the machine.

River pulled up her shirt up and the doctor applied a green gel on her belly as chills crawled down her spine.

"It looks like your six weeks along but it doesn't make sense because your baby bump is quite visible as if you were maybe fourteen weeks I'm going to hear the heartbeat to make sure of something if you don't mind."She nodded her head, yes and the doctor pressed a button as the doctor smiled."There are two heartbeats..... their twins."He chuckled and I could see a tear roll down Rivers' cheek.

This was quite surprising I had to admit but I had to convince River to keep the babies even if it meant leaving Diana I didn't care my children's protection was over everything.

She sniffed," Ok so um when's the appointment?"

The doctor gave her a half smile before saying," Tomorrow at ten in the morning."

She wiped her stomach clean and got up."Is it normal to throw up at least two times a day because when I was pregnant with my son I rarely threw up?"

The doctor nodded his head."It's completely normal esp

Ryan told me."

"What he's just trying to break us apart trust me, baby!"A tear fell down her cheek and with all my power I rolled my eyes.

Even though I hated women crying it was my weakness.

"We're done Diana it over don't try pulling any of your shit.I'm taking full custody of Avery because I can't leave her with someone as crazy as you it would be selfish of me."

"What no, you can't! Why would you?"She questioned continuing with the waterworks.

"I can and I will so don't try fighting with me."I snarled and her breathing became harder as I threw the ring in her direction.

Without much thought, I walked out of her living room and out of the door I couldn't stand to be around her anymore.

The minute I was about to get into my car my cell phone rang, picking it up I saw it was an unknown number but I answered it anyway.

"Hello," I said while connecting my phone to Bluetooth.

"Yeah, Ethan I just wanted to tell you-"I quickly interrupted knowing the owner of the voice.

What did he want now?

I sighed," What do you want Ryan I don't really have all the time in the world right now."He groaned and I, of course, rolled my eyes.

"River is boarding a plane to New York in less than an hour hopefully you can catch her and work things out or she's leaving for good."


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