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   Chapter 113 NO.113

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Ethan's POV

I woke up with my head pounding intensely and the memory of what happened last night comes flooding back in.So I quickly check my surroundings and find River laying next to me sound asleep.

Oh shit!

What the hell did I do?

I tried my best to stay away and then in one night I ruin everything.

I had to leave before she woke up and hopefully Jeanine doesn't see me.

(The Morning Before I Broke Up With River)

Entering my office I saw Jeanine sitting on the arm chair in front of my desk of course I did not suspect a thing but then again I didn't have the time to argue with her over the littlest of things.

"Jeanne what a pleasant surprise." Not, I really did not want to see her because I knew she was going to discuss my relationship with River and I was not going to allow her mess up something I spent months rebuilding.

"Its never pleasant to see you Ethan nor will it ever be it's actually a disgrace." She grimaced forcing a smile and I no joke was going to kick her out of my office if it wasn't for my love for River.

Moving around the desk to take my seat I huffed a deep breathe," Make this quick please I have tons of work to do."

"With the nut sized brain you hold in there I'm surprised the company hasn't gone bankrupt better exploded to shreds." She chuckled sarcastically and it was my turn to force a smile.

"As much as I would love to stand here and let you insult me I have a family waiting for me."The fake smile on her face automatically transferred to a frown with a hint of anger on he facial expressions.

"You will stay away from River for good I don't want you near her." She hissed, with venom in her words and I gave her a blank expression.

Who the hell does this lady think she is.

"Thats none of your concern you can't make me do that." I yelled, standing up from

use the restroom and when I came back the cd had disappeared.

I had an internal heart attack at that moment and rummaged through my bag like a maniac adjusting my things then readjusting but there was nothing.

It was as if a hidden tunnel formed and took it. I quickly began to search the area but froze in my tracks when I heard the video playing of the negotiation.

Usually it was Mary who played these games but her and Keenan went to live in Brazil so that only left one person and I was praying to my lucky stars it wasn't him.


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