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   Chapter 112 NO.112

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River's POV

Waking up to the sun shining on your eye lids while your eyes are puffy red from crying is one of the worst feeling's to experience because your eyes begin to sting and that just gives you another reason to cry but I wasn't going to cry for my son's sake.

"Mommy, mommy are you awake." Nate yelled, knocking on the door vociferously and I quickly ran to my bathroom to apply makeup under my eyes but he entered when I was in the middle of applying the makeup.

He gazed directly at the ground and then back at me"I know you were crying mommy you don't have to hide it."

As mush as I wanted to admit it I couldn't let him know especially on his birthday"What no I wasn't."I smiled warmly kneeling to pinch his cheeks lightly.

"I heard you yesterday."He mumbled stroking my cheek and I shook my head.

I couldn't ruin his day so I had change the subject.

"Happy birthday my handsome man."I beamed and he chuckled pointing his finger.

"Thank you but don't think I forgot."He hissed, making me nod."We will discuss this later."

Well I wasn't expecting that.

"Ok so tons of people are coming for your birthday are you excited."I cheered, walking out of my room to find Violet admiring her baby bump.

"Es tio Mateo viene?"He asked, smiling widely as I nodded.

"Of course why wouldn't he."I sat on the sofa next to Violet as she stared at me as Nate entered the kitchen.

"I slept with Andrew!"She whispered causing me to chuckle."Multiple times of course and I met his daughter she's the cutest little thing."

"Did he even question you about Micheal that night?"I twisted my hand slightly as she bit her lip.

Well theres my answer.

"Um I told him I wouldn't mind doing a paternity test and he said he trusts me and even if we wanted to do one in this stage it would be to dangerous, we could lose the baby. "

"Did you ask him how the fuck he knew all that shit?" Ryan intruded, yawning and rubbing the back of his hair.

"When the hell are you going to go back to your own

staying away from you is impossible."Crashing his lips on mine I push him back and tears start stinging there was down my eyes.

I wanted answers and I knew he would tell the truth when he was drunk.

"Then why did you leave me Ethan you knew I loved you and I gladly would give my self to you without any doubt."He blinked releasing a breathe.

"I didn't have a choice I was threatened and you knew it was impossible for me to stay away from you.Without you my life is meaningless."He once again placed his lips on my neck causing me to moan from pleasure it was practically impossible for me to push him off but I needed one end of the rope to get to the master mind who was behind this.

"Who threatened you?" I questioned tugging on his hair and this time he released a moan of sensation.

"Your mother." He murmured, slipping off my dress within one attempt.


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