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River's POV

Andrew glared at Micheal's face," Say that one more time and I will beat you to pulp."Micheal turned towards Andrew furrowing his eye brows.

"And who the fuck are you to tell me what to say?"Micheal grimaced, making Andrew's jaw thrust violently as he took a step closer to Micheal.

Violet quickly rushed to Andrews side placing a hand on his chest causing his muscles to relax ," Um he's the father of my child."She confidently says gazing at Andrew star struck.

"Oh wait what you two timing whore you mean to tell me while you were with me you were with doing him."He stopped to glare at Violet and then continued."My mother knew who you were from the beginning. She knew you were a gold digger and its clear to me your after the money."He cackled like he just won the lottery or just figured out the murder to a closed case.

A tear stroked Violets cheek along with many more until Andrew finally stole the words right from under my tongue," Watch your mouth you son of bitch or I swear I will drag you to hell and I could care less if your son is sitting in the next room."He jabbed a finger in Michael's chest stepping even closer to him with his fist balled up once more.

I had no idea why Violet stayed silent to his cruel words but I was guessing it had to do something with Jacob.

He snorted," Your so naive you actually believe she's carrying your child it was probably some other business men that rejected her and she came to you being the next victim on her list you poor thing."He paused running a hand over his jaw as he cocked his eyebrow something he did when an idea came to him."You'd be surprised at the amount of business men I found in her bed damn there uncountable why do you think I never married her or even proposed?"He smiled wider then a cheshire cat winking at Andrew.

Before we all knew it Andrew's fist pressed violently against Micheal's flesh causing him to stumble to the floor.When all he got was a mad laugh he threw another two punches across his face until Violet placed her hand on his shoulder causing him to freeze in his tracks, cocking his head in Violets direction he saw the waterfall of tears that were stinging her eyes and making them puffy red and he stood up helping Violet to the nearest sofa.

Micheal stood up just when Ryan arrived and his eyes widen

ead in my direction grimacing at the last part.

I couldn't believe that we were happily in bed together this morning.

"What makes you think I will agree to your stupid terms?"He challenged, making me ready to strangle him.

I shook my head," Because I will simply tell Diana everything that happened between us not leaving a single detail out and you know more then I that it drives her insane to know you were having sex with me and then french kissing you way back into her life."By the time I finished his eyes were wider then they ever were and he was red from anger.

He licked his lips nodding his head vigorously," You will regret this River."

"Bring it on."

"Oh but don't end up in my bed this time."Before I actually realized what I was doing my hand made contact with the flesh of his cheek causing a loud noise and his head to turn in the other direction.

He placed his hand over the red marks of my hand as I said," No you will regret this Ethan Scott."Walking out of his car and slamming the door shut.


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