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River's POV

I took a glance at Violet across the dining room table but luckily she didn't notice. Every time I would look up she had her phone on with a childish grin plastered across her face and an occasional laugh.

She was hiding something I knew that for sure how I was going to get it out of her well that was the tricky part and it did not just begin today its been occurring for the last century.Which was annoying me she barely talked to me anymore.

"Vi um who are you sexting?"She frowned and her eyes narrowed from the phone and in my direction.

"Your so lucky the kids are not in the room at this very moment or I would have beat you to a pulp."She pretended to be angry but I could see the smirk hidden under that expression.

"Oh, I'm so scared what could you possibly do in your condition?"I lightly chuckled and she gaped in shock.

"You did not just insult me!"

I snorted," News flash baby I just did!"

"He's coming."She simpered, winking and then taking her dishes to the kitchen.

"Who's coming?"I asked, ready to kill her.

It was my break and I did not want my break to turn into a Violet Soap Opera.

"Um, the father of my child he wants to meet you because I ah talk to you a lot."She squinted her eyes and I sighed.

"Whats his name?"I took a sip of water focusing my

t both the men looking at me.

"River are you

"Why yes, I am Violet's friend may her soul rest in peace," I mumbled not meaning for everyone to hear and Violet shot me a look of apology.

"What?"They said in unison while giving me flustered looks.

"River can I just see Violet my girlfriend."Micheal said in an impatient tone, I could see Violet visibly gulp while shutting her eyes closed and Andrews muscles tensed as he clenched his fist making his veins visible.


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