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River's POV

For some reason when your in the arms of a loved one you want everything to stop there or for everything to slow down even if it's just for a minute or a millisecond.

Time makes us older, more mature, wrinkly, unbearable and it even causes death so why not live by the moment.

Having Death in our mindset makes us take risks, make rash decisions or even revaluate our lives.

Being in the arms of Ethan and having Nate laying there next to me makes me want to protect what we have for the life of me.

A knock on the door pulls me from my trance of thoughts and has me standing up on my bed just to get by the two that are very attached to the bed.

I walk to the entrance of the house and swing the door open to my surprise find my mother and Aiden standing there.

"Mom you could have called and told me you were coming."I forced a smile trying to be as polite as possible but then again trying to get her out of my house so she wouldn't see Ethan."I wanted to see my grandbaby."She added, forgetting the fact that I know her well enough something was up and I was going to get it out of her one way or the other.

"But you could have called Mother."I blurted, trying not to grit on my teeth she was frustrating me to the max.

"River when are you going to get married? I want more grandchildren and Nathanial needs a father."She smiled trying to make it sound innocent because she knew eventually I would splurge and admit the fact Nate has a father and his father is in my life with or without marriage I could ca

lf in his chest as more uncontrolled tears escaped my stinging eyes.

I pulled my head up to look Ethan in the eye"Did you hear everything?"He nodded stroking my cheek lightly.

"It's alright River I know she's right."He admitted intertwining her hands together.

"No, she's not she's just comparing our relationship to her and Diana's father she thinks I'm going to turn out lonely and depressed."I corrected, trying to comfort him.

"It's alright babe lets go out to eat since you know technically we got kicked out of your home."He chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist.


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