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River's POV

"Ethan move out of my way I don't have time to argue with you." I folded my arms glaring at him and the anger gushing from his eyes was surreal.

Oh lord, that didn't indicate he was going to make peace better yet let the situation pass.

"Ok, that's how you want it." He furrowed his eyebrows walking through the door, and my eyes widened at what could possibly be his next move.

I hastily walked out of the bathroom bracing myself at what could be next.

"Ethan no." I blurted as he was making his way to the table Ryan was sitting at.

Ryan turned his head in our direction to see a raging Ethan with a balled up fist and me shaking my head endlessly with widened eyes and he blinked shaking his head to assure me everything is fine.

"Ethan my friend long time, no see bud how are you doing? "He chuckled to lighten the mood but I could see how nervous he really was as Ethan cackled to his core than through a punch directly at his jaw causing him to stumble to the ground.

By now the whole restaurant was staring at us as Ethan fixed his collar, raking a hand through his dark hair.

"I'm doing fine thank you. "He said, with a smirk forming on his face and before I knew it he was practically dragging me out of the restaurant as I mouthed a sorry to Ryan.

"Ethan have you lost the sanity in your brain. "I pulled my hand away from him and he turned in my direction.

"Yes, actually you made me lose it. "He retorted, gazing directly into my eyes taking a step closer to me. "River it's you who makes me feel the rush of being alive. I love each and every part that you find a flaw. Your my worst distraction because when you're around me it's practically impossible to keep my hands off of you. You're my end and my beginning and without you, all the riches in the world would mean nothing. I could care less if my love for you would end up killing me in the worst way when you're around I could barely form coherent statement because it's your presence that prevents oxygen from getting to my brain. It's like I'm completely paralyzed from the amount of beauty you hold within you. I promise to love you until my last breath so but please stop overthinking."

The amount of shock I felt was unexplainable while a storm of butterflies erupted in my stomach it caused an idiotic smile to form on my face, which made me feel like I was a teenage girl who's crush finally paid at

mething like that...."

What he did to me made my skin tingle and my heart beat go into overdrive.


Violet's POV

I glanced at the company's doors with my nerves tingling not to go in. Thoughts circled my head causing me to chicken out.

Why is it all the men I end up in bed with are loaded!!!

I never asked for this.

What if he takes my baby from me?

What if he denies the baby?

What if he does something to hurt me?

I stood there for another minute and finally decided to go in. I will never know if I don't find out with that thought locked in my head as I walked in with my head high. I pressed the elevator button that had his name written on it and shortly after passing up fourteen floors I arrived at his secretary's desk.

The blonde looked from over glasses as she asked," May I help you?" She narrowed her eyes back at her laptop and continued to type away.

I took a deep breath and finally said,"May I see Andrew Price?"


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