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River's POV

"Men will sleep around with whatever slut in their way but in the end, they return to there wives."A female voice hissed right over my shoulder and I quickly turned to see Angelina standing before me with a smirk plastered on her face.

I wanted to reply to her cruelty but deep down I was being ripped to shreds because I knew, part of her segment had some truth in it.

I handed her the teddy bear and quickly walked out of the hospital barely containing myself as I sat on the bench trying to catch my breath.

I knew it was my fault, all my fault that they aren't a family now but I wanted him.

I still loved him, I always loved him better yet I never stopped loving him despite all the cruel accusations that came from his mouth.

I'm so stupid, how could I let something like this get past m

"Oh fuck four weeks ago."She replied standing up.

"Do you have a test or do you need me to go get you one?"

"Yeah, yeah I have a couple." She gulped rushing into the bathroom.

After what seemed like hours but only minutes she came out holding all four positive pregnancy tests nearly crying.

"I'm pregnant River what am I going to do now?" She sobbed in the crotch of my neck as I patted her hair for comfort.

"Who's the baby daddy?"


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