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River's POV

"Ethan no we can't," I said, looking directly ahead and he simply looked up with a smirk forming on his face.

"I was just kissing you but if you want we can always do more."He replied in a snazzy tone and I rolled my eyes at how childish he was being.

"Are you joking?" I asked in a rhetorical manner and he shook his head.

"When do I ever joke, especially when it comes to you?"He asked in a smug tone.

This was one of the reasons I did not want him to stay over.

He always found a way to charm his way through things.

It was rather sickening and frustrating so I decided to set him straight in hope of nothing going wrong or I would just run for my life in hope of him never catching me.

"Well um, Ethan goodnight." I made sure I had enough space to run and so I made the move but to my displeasure, he gripped my hips pinning me in place without any way to exit.

"You can't leave now." He demanded to create a wave with his eyebrows and I furrowed my eyebrows folding my arms.

"And why not?" I asked and he smiled mischievously.

"Because we're not done here." He confirmed as if I belonged to him.

I ran my fingers through my hair, I was more frustrated than before and now I was getting to be angry.

"Ahhh yes, we are." I pulled away from his grip walking towards the door but he blocked me once again."What do you want Ethan, whats left for you to have my pride or my dignity because those are the two you left untouched.

"River....." He trailed off as I turned towards him.

"River what hmmmm tell me because I'm getting sick. I cried myself to sleep practically every night and not because of the darkness you showed me, Ethan. You made me hate life and question myself endlessly........"I trailed off and then wanted to continue but I could see the hurt in his eyes as he was glancing in my direction.

" I love you River, I never stopped loving you."He said looking deep into my eyes.

I really want to try to forgive him but there's that voice that haunts me endlessly, that keep'

g and I ran a hand through my hair in frustration.

"There no battle there, of course, I hate him. He made us make an appointment seven months in advance than canceled the day of the appointment according to personal issues," I emphasized the last part."Then we reschedule in a different hotel three months in advance and he tells us its a different location after the meeting time is over, so we reschedule again four months in advance and here we are today and I just wonder what the hell his excuse is going to be now."I huffed a deep breath and she busted out laughing as we walked to a table near the bar.

I mean who wouldn't hate a guy, that dragged you around for over a year just for a frickin appointment.

"Give the guy a grip he's busy."She muttered, smiling and I rolled my eyes.

"No he's fuckin stuck up and needs a smack of reality and if she doesn't want to give it to him I gladly will."I scolded and Serenity chuckled but covered her mouth right after.

"Good morning ladies." A familiar masculine voice hollered from behind me and my eyes went up than squinted back down.

I turned slowly to see Ethan smirking before me.

"I'm the owner of N&S Grand Plaza Hotel."He announced with confidence.


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