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River's POV

I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe not wanting to answer his question but then again I did not want to lie to him.

He deserved to know the truth but a fear of mine kept me from revealing it. I wasn't sure Ethan planned on hurting Nate anytime soon and thats what left a lump in my throat.

It scared me drastically but I knew sooner or later I had to tell him and now that the opportunity came I had no right to be selfish by keeping this away from him.

I took a deep breathe and finally said," Yes, honey Ethan is your father."

The words escaped my mouth quickly yet there was no change in Nate's expression as Ethan gazed at him with a smile.

We stood there in uncomfortable silence waiting for Nate's reaction but there was nothing, he was taking it better than we all accepted.

After about thirty minutes, I felt it was indeed time to break the silence.

"So do you guys want to go out or stay in and order take out?"I asked, as casual as possible and to my surprise they both replied.

"Stay in and order take out."They both replied rather quickly, turning there heads my direction and I shook my head.

"Any food suggestions?"

"Pizza or Chinese." They both replied again but this t

yond the lines of impossible and yet loving him was in closer lines than both hate and forgiveness but I had to be strong I wasn't going to allow him to step all over me again, for Nathan sake.

I glared at the mirror and noticed a single tear fell down my cheek than quickly wiped it taking a small amount of water and rubbing it around my neck to cool me down.

I opened the door only to find the two waiting behind the door with smiles on there face.

"It's alright, I am alright," I explained, looking at the two and Ethan engulfed me in a hug

"Im sorry I never meant to cause you any harm."He whispered and I allowed my self for once to be a taken by his heartwarming touch.


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