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   Chapter 99 NO.99

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River's POV

My eyes met her eyes with fear pouring down every inch of my body yet I was ready to face her.I was ready to face the terrible things that could possibly come from her deadly mouth even though she might hurt me.

"What do you want Angelina?"I asked, directly so I can take her shit and dump it over the fire with a smirk on my face.

She looked down at Nathan than back up at me with shock a coming to face.

"I ahhhhh...."She trailed off looking at Nate for a while longer than finally began."We need to talk?"She exclaimed, clutching her bag so tight it made her veins pulse out.

"Ok," I replied sternly and her eyes drifted off gazing at the inside of my home, making me sigh because I was to nice to people of her kind.

"You can come in but Ethan's coming soon and I am pretty sure he would not approve of you being here."I explained moving out of the doorway as her eyes widened."Nate hun go inside I need to talk to the lady."I said as he shook his head in approval.

I took a seat on the sofa across from her and she began to observe the area.

"So how many men did you sleep with to get this house?"She asked, with a stern look on her face whi

smiling warmly and I shook my head smiling back.

The man was wise, he always tried to understand the subject gain then evidence, judge and defend the correct side no matter how hard it was.

Mason soon left and five minutes later Ethan showed up with Nate greeting him at the door.

"Now that Ethan's here mommy can I ask you guys a question?"Nate said, in a serious tone while raking his hand through his hair.

I nodded and Ethan agreed kneeling down towards him.

Nate than narrowed his eyes slightly looking at both Ethan and me, huffing a breath in frustration he finally said, pointing at Ethan" Is he, my father."


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