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   Chapter 98 NO.98

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Rivers POV

I quickly backed away wiping my tears and looked at Ethan."Im so sorry that was not professional at all I have no idea what got into me."I explained, scratching the top of my scalp in embarrassment.

"No no no no I am the one who should be sorry after all I was the one who caused the tears on your face."He said, with slight anger in his voice and I nodded at the pure truth.

"You can swing by today meet with him, talk to him, get to know him maybe even play with him I advised my friend she is a therapist and she said to take it slow but if he shows positive signs, and nothing goes wrong we can tell him your his father in about a week."I smiled assuringly and he gave me a puzzled look.

"What do you mean something goes wrong."He asked, closing his arms his muscles tensing.

"Oh no no no I do not mean between us or anyone else interference, what I meant was that Nate is a really intelligent kid and can pick up things quickly so he can probably put the puzzle pieces together, he even started when you left studio a couple days ago-"I was going to continue before

"eighteen days, nine hours, fifteen minutes and 30 seconds to be exact."He added, which caused a smile to form on my face.

"He asked why guys look so similar," I explained trying to hide my eyes.

"What did you say?"Narrowing his gaze directly where my eyes landed.

"I told him you were a friend of mine....."I began but he began to choke at the s

ned next time or I will kill you," I commanded, glaring at her while standing up.

"Sir yes sir."She got up signaling a wave of the army and my smile was now a frown of disgust.

"Keep laughing I am sure you will gain the..........."I trailed off remembering Nate was in the room and then said." masculinity to tell me what happened." I explained pointing my finger towards her and she busted out laughing.

Soon enough Nate and I left Violet's house and were walking through the garage until I heard a knock on the door.

"I will open."Nate beamed while jumping and I shook my head but before I knew it he ran towards the front door.

"Nate don't...."I glared down at his small figure as he opened the door but directly my eye was stolen away as Angelina's fire filled eyes locked with mine.


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