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   Chapter 97 NO.97

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Rivers POV

It has been almost eighteen days, nine hours, fifteen minutes and 30 seconds to be exact.Since I last saw Ethan standing before me. I could not believe the turn of events that happened in only one day he went from gold digger to forgive me.

But Ethan was the type of man you couldn't understand from a glance or two or maybe a thousand.His silence usually did not indicate a good thing.

I was sitting at my desk with files stacked on my desk but I was starting into mid-air with a pen gripped around my right hand but my thoughts were interrupted by Mia's voice on the intercom.

"River um Mr.Scott is here." she laughed, causing a smirk to stitch on my face but I tried to keep a great amount of professionalism so the smirk transformed into a much more serious look.

"Let him in," I informed her straightening my posture and soon enough Ethan was surely standing before me with a wide grin on his face.

"Good morning River."He said, looking my direction but I pretended to be busy flipping through papers.

"Good morning Mr.Scott."I kept a stern face on, not looking up from the paperwork and I could feel him step closer."You may have a seat."I ushered towards the chair and he did as told.

He cleared his throat than finally spoke:"I want to talk to you about Nathan."He practically mumbled and I lifted my head from the papers, my eyes darted a glare at him.

I knew this discussion was going to approach sometime soon I just did not realize it would be at that current momen

ith me but my brain was telling me to remember all the pain he caused you in the past four years.

"Move Ethan, just back away," I whispered in frustration, nearly crying and he stepped back a little, gazing at me with lust clear in his eyes.

I had to be strong enough to stay away from him and not allow history to repeat its self in the most dreadful manner.

"Just go...I will call you later."I sniffled ready to burst and he stepped closer to me as I tried to contain my self but no I couldn't something in me triggered causing me to burst into a river of tears.

Ethan took me into his arm and buried me in his hard rock yet warm chest.

"You're the reason why?"I said, continuing to sob in his chest."All this is your fault."

"I know baby I know." he simply replied putting his head on mine bringing me closer to his chest.


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