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   Chapter 96 NO.96

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River's POV

I was running down the studio hallway, so I could go help the models and these heels were not making it any better. It was so damn hard to run in six-inch heels but It was an important event so I couldn't wear a pair of sneakers.

While running, I looked down maybe for a split second to make sure there was nothing poking against my skin and out of nowhere I hit what seemed like a stone rock at the point.

I was still looking down,"Are you ok Ms." A deep familiar masculine tone spoke as I looked up in shock this was too much of him for one day.

"Ethan," I said, my voice drifting off and his eyes went up.

"Oh, I am so sorry River I did not mean too."He was interrupted by familiar whining growing closer to us.


Ethan's POV

"Mommy, mommy I don't want to put on the tie it makes my collar bone itch." a child yelled, running behind River as the guy tried to chase him.

I just stared down at what seemed like a replica of me.

Oh my goodness, he l

same problem." I winked at him, he smiled and River laughed.

"Nate go sit with your uncle Matteo for a while and I will be with you guys shortly."She explained and he nodded walking the same direction he entered.

"I am so sorry River, I never meant to hurt you, I can't believe how naive I was. I am really sorry. I hope you can forgive me."I begged, shaking my head at how ignorant I was.

I have no idea how the hell I let this happen but I was going to fix it.


Well, it finally happened Ethan saw Nate, What do you think going to happen next?

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