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   Chapter 94 NO.94

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River's POV

"You did not answer my question. Was it Andrew you scammed to get-"He started but I was sick of his negative presence so I decided to answer his stupid ass questions that contained no logic.

I pinched the bridge of my nose than finally said," It belongs to my uncle Mateo Garcia and I am the CEO of this company."I informed and his eyebrows went up in disbelief.

I was expecting that.

" Mateo Garcia is your uncle."He said and I nodded my head.

"Now that I have answered all your questions-"

"Its funny really how you believed I contained any actual emotions towards you or how you thought I was actually going to remain loyal."He smirked and my eyes pierced open as sadness overshadowed my face but I was trying to remain in one piece so he doesn't realize his effect on me.

"You cheated on me....."I asked afraid of the answer.

"Multiple times."He said, running his thumb on his bottom lip as my breathing began to get heavier and a tear stroked my cheek midway and I quickly made an effort to wipe it.

I did not want him to see me cry for him not now or ever.


Yup and I believed that.

"Ok, goodbye mother I have to get to work."I lied to test her patience.

"Alright alright, your father has to see you he wanted to talk to you along with the whole family after."She finally blurted and I rolled my eyes it was probably something meaningless.

"Alright, Mother when I get home."I finally said and she began to scream again so I held the phone away from my ear so I would not lose my hearing by the time I am forty.

"No no now he wants to see you now."She yelled and then closed the phone.


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