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River's POV

I took a glance at the look of despair in Nate's eyes and my heart shattered into pieces.I couldn't bear to see him like this.

"Oh, honey, who told you that?"I said, hugging him close to my chest.

"I figured since I have never seen him before."He looked up trying to hide his precious face.

"Yes baby, of course, you have a father.Though he appeared to be stone-hearted he was one of the kindest men I have ever encountered ."I explained smiling as he laid on my lap and a tear managed to escape my eye.

"Can you tell me more about him, mommy?"He asked, looking up at my face and I nodded as tears continued to fall like a never-ending water.

"He had jet black hair that was as soft as a pillow and glimmering ocean blue eyes that lowered you in every time you took a glance at them.His smile would charm everyone in sight and his laugh was so rare you wanted him to laugh forever and always. He was tall and was a very hard worker. I remembered him spending hours up at night working on blueprints.He always..."I wiped my tears and a took a glance at a snoring Nate which made me smile as I played with his jet black hair I rested my head on the pillow soon falling asleep at thoughts of Ethan.


I awoke to my phone ringing with my eyes still shut I extended my arm to grab it and held the phone towards my face, squinting my eyes I glanced at the caller ID which was Mia, then swiped to answer the call.

"Hey, Mia whats up?"I asked, getting out of bed slowly so I wouldn't wake Nathan than I placed a kiss on his head while inhaling the smell of the Johnson and Johnson shampoo on his dark brown hair.

"Um yeah there's this very rich and attractive man looking for you but he will not tell me his name."She exclaimed, stuttering as I rolled my eyes. What attractive man could be looking for me?

"What does he look like?"I asked, putting her on speaker so I could start my morning routine.

"Tall, muscular structure, boat black hair hair....."She said, and my heart collapsed.Please don't let it be him, please don't let it be him." and he has blue eyes."She exclaimed, causing me to practically choke and my legs tremble.

"It's Ethan."I sighed, pressing my palms against the bathroom counter.


he air and he rolled his eyes taking a breathe along with it.

"Oh, I see your beating around the bush so you won't answer my question than it was true the boy was Andrew's bastard child."He blissfully smiled and I felt like tearing up he did not only hurt me but Nate along with me.

He did not even realize the pain he caused Nate.

" How dare you call my son a bastard.I will not allow it. I will not allow you to skip through my office to talk trash about my son."I hissed, throwing my clutch on the desk. He aggravated me with that sentence and here I was thinking we could have a conversation with two adults.

"Come on stop acting innocent now, then what were you doing with Andrew?" He intensely glared my way as I tried to come up with something.

"He has a daughter and I was giving him advice because she is ill," I explained, enter lacing my hands. Even though I had no idea why I was explaining to a man of such ignorance.

"And you accept me to buy that, to buy the fact you are not a gold digging whore who lied about carrying my child and-"

"Stop. right. there.If you continue any further security will drag your ass out of my company and I grantee you would be all over the media the next hour.Try my patience Ethan. I dare you."I warned with my eyes containing scorching fires, making his eyes widen.


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