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   Chapter 89 NO.89

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River's POV

"Andrew."I croaked, standing up."What the hell are you doing here."I shook my head, nearly kicking him out that instant.

"I just came for a visit."He smiled, narrowing his gaze at me and that feeling of slapping him right across the face was implanted deep in my veins.

Did he have amnesia?

"I really do not have the time or the energy for you," I said, walking quickly towards the door.

"Just hear me out please."He groaned, trying to capture my hands but I backed away.I slammed the door closed because I knew this conversation was not going to end in peace.My nerves were stiffening every minute this man was in the same area as me.

"Look I do not want you to hear and if you know any better you would leave me alone before I begin to curse you out."I hissed, my fist tightening.

"I want to talk over tea please what I have to say is very important it concerns Ethan."He gazes my direction and hearing his name makes my heart sink and tear to shreds.Part of me wanted to dismiss the idea and never let that man come barging into my life but part of me wanted to hear for old times sake.I still craved his touch and the feeling he gave off when I was around.

" I do not want to hear anything."I yelled, marching back to my desk."But maybe.....ok ok fine but one move and I am out Andrew do you hear

ssed, narrowing his gaze to mine.

The nerve of this man was absurd he dumped me at the altar, accused me of carrying another man's baby, to add a cherry on top he said I was only after money and now he was acting like a jealous loved one.

"Why does it concern you?"I announced, furrowing my eyebrow but with every step, I took back he took a step forward until I hit the wall.He raised his hands above me than gazed at me.

"It's my right to ask since you acted as if you loved me for my money only to go running into another man's lap."He glared this time and his breath released a stench of alcohol. That explained a lot because knowing Ethan he never would have worked up the nerve to come near me.


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