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   Chapter 87 NO.87

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Rivers POV

Two glorious weeks have passed by in the blink of an eye as we moved into our new home.We agreed to get married once we have everything situated.

Even though I would appear like a floating baboon on the water I wanted to be married before Nate entered our lives.It was going to be a big traditional wedding.Thats what Ethan wanted and I did not mind as long as my family was there.

While lying on my bed, I was gazing at the photos on my phone when I heard the door slam. I got up to catch a glimpse of Ethan roaming around the doorway.

"Hey hon, how was your day."He asked, giving me a peck on the cheek.

"It was average."I sighed, biting my lip for a short amount of time.

"Average what is that supposed to mean?"He chuckled, stepping so close to me until we both collapsed on the sofa," Could I tell you something." he whispered.

"Yes," I whispered back, smiling.

"Do you realize we are completely moved in."He said, extending his hands.

"Yes and-"

"The wedding planner said we can get married tomorrow if we wanted."

"When did we get a wedding planner?" I questioned, looking at Ethan.

"The minute you agreed we get married after we settled in." he chuckled, moving his head from one direction to the next.

"You have a devious mind."I whispered, brushing my lips against his neck."But we can't get married tomorrow."

"And why not?"He exclaimed, kissing my temple.

"Hon I don't have a dress."

"Yes, you do."He said, placing a kiss on my temple."Do you remember about a week ago I had you try on different dresses for a dinner date."

Damn it what if I got bigger.I mean I am bound to get at least get 3 inches wider in a week but I did not know how to say this without making myself sound any less like a pig.

"Oh...yeah but...... um yeah."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh.......... yeah, I made the dress two sizes bigger."He cackled, and I grabbed the closest pillow to me and thr

l you care to explain."

"There is nothing between Andrew and me please you have to believe me, Ethan," I said, gazing into his eyes trying to fight back the tears.

"You know I should have believed my mother when she told me you were out for the money yet I thought you could be different. Yet I thought you weren't a lying, manipulative bitch."

This time as he was glaring at me I felt his eyes were throwing scorching fires my way as I tried to compose my self.

"Ethan I didn't please-"

My breath was shortening, as my legs began to tremble. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"Wait.....wait.....wait...wait one second is the baby even mine?"He growled, glaring my way for an answer.

"What of course-"I yelled, fed up with his accusations but he didn't allow me to finish my sentence.

"Get out!Pack your junk and leave when I return I don't want to see you anywhere in sight."

I turned my back away from him and began walking the opposite direction as one tear broke free the rest followed leading to an unbroken stream.

I knew this wouldn't break me because I wouldn't allow it.


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