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   Chapter 82 NO.82

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River's POV


I turned around as slowly as I possibly could in fear of who I thought it was, which is my mother. There was no way she was out of jail yet it was just too early.

This can not be happening.

I began to breathe harder as my palms were releasing sweat faster than lighting but I could not give up like this I had to be strong for my baby and for Ethan.

I turned completely and my Mom was standing there with a look of disappointment in her eyes.

"How did this happen?How did you pregnant by a married man? What are you stupid?."She asked giving me a look of hatred as my eyes were roaming I caught Diana from a distance rushing out and I knew it was her that was up to no good. She was always up to no good. I knew it was her who gave me the poison but I could not tell Ethan that it would ruin his trust with Diana. I could not be the reason for that.

"Mom let me explain."I said trying to catch her hands in my embrace but she backed away and began walking the other direction."Aiden had cancer."I yelled and in a matter of seconds, shivers went down my spi

e."She says with her eyes swelling up from all the tears she has been giving out "Your sister is Diana, River."

Shocked, would be an understatement of how I really felt.

Something about what she said made me want to throw up the dinner I just consumed and for some odd reason, I couldn't look her in the eye.

Did this mean I had to forgive her for all the harm she's caused me and my child or should I go about my life as if theres no common relation between us?

I mean she does it but does that make it right?


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