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   Chapter 79 NO.79

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Rivers POV

I awoke to the sound of classical music. If I don't recall it was Fur Elise by Beethoven. Ever since I was little hearing this piece would make me want to close my eyes and daydream of the best possible outcome but now for some reason, that little girl faded. She was hidden behind a chamber and only one thing can save her. What that one thing is only God knows.

"Good morning Ms.Campbell," the doctor said," My name is doctor Allison Blanchard, How are you feeling today?"

"Fine thank you," I replied, wiping my eyes and getting up as slowly as possible.

"Your blood test results are clear and now that your health is stable I would like to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is in good health. Of course, if you approve Ms. Campbell."

"Of course whatever you feel is needed to help the baby," I replied, joyfully.

"Great, can you walk or-"

"No ah yes I can walk," I replied while getting up to walk towards the door.

"Here take my hand," Dr.Blanchard said, extending her arm.

"Is anyone -"

"Ethan has been coming every day, his mother every other day or two along with your brother who has discharged a week ago, and your mother calls every couple of days," she said looking at me.

"How long have I been down?"

"About two weeks," she said opening the door to the ultrasound room.

"How"I sighed?

"I will explain for now sit." she said rubbing a green gel on me and she began to search," ah here you are, do you see how small and healthy the baby is," she said as I nodded my head," from what I can tell your 17 weeks so if you don't know I can tell you the sex of the baby."

"Oh the whole Scott family expect Ethan knows because they did a blood test and sent it to a lab in New York," I replied, in a disappointed tone," but I don't know since the results came in when I was-"

"Would you like me to tell you," she asked, smiling?

"No," I replied, nodding my head."Not yet."

"It's a healthy baby." she said trying to reassure me," this afternoon you can be discharged," she said handing me a paper towel," I want to see you again in a week or two to make sure that you and the baby are stable."

"Thank you Dr.Blanchard-"

"Please call me Allison," she replied, smiling causing her brown eyes to sparkle.


After I was discharged Ethan took me and my brother to his friend's house.He said it was safer for all four of us especially the fact my mother was also going to be released from jail in two week.So we could not live with them for any longer.

"Hello welcome," a voice from behind me said and I turned around quickly to see a guy who was average height, with wavy black

ing at me.

" Yea, we do and you owe me a lot of explaining," I chuckled sarcastically. I was sick of the way he was treating me.I know it is impossible for any women to take in this type of horrible treatment. We do not talk anymore and nor does he acknowledge me at all. I felt like I was going to break into a lake of tears.

He threw a small bottle at me and I caught it surprisingly.I observed it for a bit and my eyes widened.

How the hell did he find it?

"Does that ring a bell?I found it when I was looking for my passport."He said, giving me a murderous look." When you found out the baby River was carrying wasn't yours instead of confronting me you decided to kill them both."

"Ethan that's not true.I wouldn't do that you know me."I lied, beginning to tear up.

He closed his eyes for a bit and then opened them back up."Diana were done.This marriage is done."

"Ethan please-"

" I want a divorce Diana," he said slamming the door shut behind him but for me, the argument does not end here. I opened the door and followed him down the stairs.

" You have no right what so ever to say you want a divorce and then walk away," I yelled as loud as I could because to this point I did not care.

"Ahh yeah I do and I just did," he yelled and Angelina came running downstairs.

"Why are you guys yelling this early in the morning," Angelina whispered?

"Stay out of this mom. I told you, Diana. My decision is final,"he yelled looking straight into my eyes and then turned his back the other direction to leave.


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