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   Chapter 78 NO.78

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Diana's POV

I walked to the kitchen and pulled the poison from my pocket.I poured a glass of freshly made orange juice and added all the serum to it.

I could not take any chances. I had to get rid of her.

I placed the bottle back in my pocket, grabbed the glass of orange juice and made my way up the stairs and into Rivers room to find her putting away some clothes.

She looked at me with curious eyes before saying,"Yes Mrs.Scott."

"Drink the glass of orange juice it's good for the baby."

"Ok," she replied, looking into my eyes but after a couple of sips she put down the cup.

"No, no the whole cup since your lacking nutrition these past couple days," She nodded her head before drinking the rest of the glass and handing it back to me.

This was great in less than a day I will be rid of her and that mess of a child she's pregnant with.

I walked out only to bump into Ethan but all he did was examine me and then walk past me.


The shattering of glass came from a distance along with a raging scream and Ethan bolted out the room and up the stairs along with Angelina.So they would not suspect a thing I ran with them. We found River on the ground unconscious and by the sight of this Ethan pulled out his phone.

"John get the car ready quickly," he yelled, placed his phone in his pocket, picked her up bridal style and ra

felt like I was lost completely as if I was in a different time period and everything that happened in the past was all erased.I looked into her green eyes and suddenly she disappeared.

"River," I yelled from a distance and we were no longer in the hospital we were in a nursery but there was no baby at least I thought until I saw Diana outside in the backyard holding a really tiny baby girl. She was the cutest thing ever. She had her mom's forest green eyes and for a second it all clicked and I knew what I wanted.

I wanted River, our baby and I to be a family. I wanted them more than anything and if a fight would cut it I would gladly go to war with a smile on my face.


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