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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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Ethan's POV

I could not believe my mother had done such a horrifying thing. Who takes advantage of a person's weakness like that?

I pulled up into our driveway and I ran out.

She was in the house I knew that for sure because it was a Friday she never went out on a Friday.

"Mother," I yelled in anger.

"Mother," I yelled again going up the stairs.

"Why are you screaming Ethan your father is asleep," my mother said from the top of the staircase than ran down the stairs and tried to grab me by the arm but I was 6'5 and my mother was 5'3" so it was hard for her to get push me.

I stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned towards her with a scowl on my face," You lied to me."I pointed my finger at her as she looked at me confused so I decided to clear it up a bit."You told me the procedure didn't work. That Diana couldn't conceive period you never decided to mention that you just didn't want her to be the mother of my child."Her eyes widened, as she tried to pull me into the library.

I shrugged her hands off of me and walked in.

"And despite that, you did not even try to mention Rivers situation."

"What if someone heard you," she whispered, putting her hand on her head gently in relief?

I could not believe this woman, that's all that concerned her.

"You knew her brother had cancer and her mother was in jail, yet you still went with the agreement mother," I whisper yelled, on the verge of exploding.

" I did not know that!" she replied, shaking her head in one direction but I k

n the pinewood staircase that seemed to never to end.I could not rest at all ever since this situation with River began.

I just left her less than an hour ago.How the fuck could they work that quick?

"What the fuck am I paying guys for?Never mind that did you find any evidence, Roland?"I quickly got into my car, started it and speeded down almost every road.

"We have camera footage no more than that if you want to check it out it's at the gatehouse." I sighed closing the phone and tossing it near the passenger's seat. I was going to the gatehouse to see the footage hopefully I would find something eye-catching.

About fifteen minutes later met up with Roland.

"Did you find anything?"I asked in a hopeless manner.

He shook his head," The break tag of the car."


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