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River's POV About eleven years later

"Elijah, Evan stop running in the house your going to break something."I yelled, trying not to get angry at them I mean after all it was there first time making an A on their math test.

"Those imbeciles are not going to listen to you Mom, they have an attention spam of apes."Eliane claimed, while setting her bag on the chair.

She was witty yet intelligent and had her fathers ocean blue eyes but dirty blonde hair.

"You do realize we share similar DNA as apes, right?"Mason asked, as always trying to make his sister feel stupid.

"Mommy where's Nathan?"Angel asked, tugging on my jeans with her tiny hands.

I smiled picking her up, "He's working with your dad at the company.You know once Nathan becomes twenty one he will take over.So he has to show him how things work."

"Will he live with us if he becomes the CEO."She visibly gulped and I could tell she didn't want him to leave us.

I shook my head, "Don't worry I will chain him up if I need too."She chuckled whole heartedly and I couldn't help but smile.

"Mommy what is my baby brother's name going to be?"She asked, touching my nearly flat tummy.

"How do you know its going to be a boy?"I asked, completely surprised most girls at her age don't want a baby brother but would rather a sister.

"Because boys rule and girls drool."Evan suddenly yelled and then began to pant.

I heard chuckling from a distance, "Who told you that lie?"Nate asked, furrowing his eye brows."When you get older you will understand that attention from a girl is the


A pair of familiar warm hands wrapped around my bump and what confirmed it is that same smell of dolce gabbana cologne I knew it was Ethan."How about we do something more productive while the kids are arguing."He said, in a husky tone and I chuckled as he spun me around to face him.

"Oh really and what do you have in mind Mr.Scott? "I challenged, he furrowed his eye brows placing a trail of electrifying kisses down my neck.

He pulled his head up to look at me and the first thing I caught was the big smirk on his face."Well you'll just have to wait and see."He brushed his lips against mine then placed his head on my forehead, causing his hot breathe to send shivers down my spine."My love for you is infinite."

"As is mine."


Well My Lovely Reader's thats the End of River and Ethan's Story

I will miss them truly

So any thought's, questions, concerns etc.

How did you like the ending?

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