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   Chapter 52 NO.52

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Diana's POV

I toke a step back in hope he wouldn't notice my presence in the room but my heavy breathing gave me away.

He always did have exceptional great hearing.

His head cocked in my direction and I visibly gulped locking with eyes."How could you be so stupid and make a deal like this did you think I would love again because that's never going to happen my heart belongs to River Diana that's never going to change."He stepped closer to me while gritting on his teeth.

His veins were revealed as he balled his fist.

"Ethan this was five years ago I...I..... um was-"

"Save it Diana if it's me you want then your gonna get but you leave River and my son alone do you understand me!"He growled in a beastly tone and I nodded my head in fear of his next move."Well get Engaged tonight."I could tell he struggled to get the last part out but I could care less I finally got what I wanted.

He paced himself then finally walked towards the nearest exit then he stopped and turned to look dead at me.

"Nothing is going to happen between us we're never going to be a happy married couple raising a family Your just not the person my heart yearns for."Without giving me a chance to reply he left causing me to stay glued to my spot.

Rivers POV

After throwing up the content of my stomach for second time that day I devoured practically everything in s

pulling out of my driveway and in less then twenty minutes I parked into a crowded driveway walking out with Matteo on my side.

Walking into the garden I saw him with Diana by his side and for some reason I felt like something was eating me alive.

My heart sunk into a never ending freight train causing me to freeze in my tracks causing a tear to make its way down my cheek.

After all of it I still loved him I still craved the rush that comes with his heart warming touch.

After they placed the engagement rings on each other's ring fingers his gaze locked with mine and before I knew it everything around me was blurry and my legs felt like jelly causing me to lose balance.


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